GSNETX Public Relations Policy

The public impression of Girl Scouts is affected by the activities of everyone in the Girl Scout Movement. Keeping positive, consistent messages before the public is primarily the function of the council’s Marketing/Communications Department. By coordinating communications, Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas will provide strong, consistent messages to external and internal audiences. The Marketing/Communications Department will handle all broadcast media (television and radio) and the Dallas Morning News, as well as collaborate with the Girl Scout Service Unit PR Specialists to promote Girl Scouts with print media within our jurisdiction.

In the case of serious accident, health emergency, or death, all volunteers and staff need to be aware of the council procedures in these situations (See Emergency Situations Procedure).

Girl Scout Service Unit Public Relations:
When a newsworthy event or happening in a Girl Scout Service Unit occurs, Girl Scout volunteers must contact their Public Relations (PR) Specialist. The PR Specialist will then draft a press release and contact the appropriate local print media, (newspapers, newsletters, etc.) in their Girl Scout Service Unit (including Neighbors sections of the Dallas Morning News).

Multiple Girl Scout Service Unit Public Relations:
In some cases, where several Girl Scout Service Units are in an area served by one newspaper, one of the PR Specialists will be designated to work directly with the newspaper, to ensure a steady, non-repetitive flow of information.

Council-wide Public Relations:
When a newsworthy event or happening has the potential to interest a widespread audience, Girl Scout volunteers must first contact their PR Specialist. If the PR Specialist agrees that the newsworthy event or happening has widespread appeal, they will then draft a media/press release and notify the council’s Marketing/Communications Department. If the Marketing/Communications Department agrees with the PR Specialist that the event has widespread appeal, then the Director of Marketing/Communications will contact the broadcast media (TV, radio) and/or the Dallas Morning News.

National Public Relations:
National media are never contacted by members of Girl Scout councils; GSUSA’s PR staff handles all national media contact. If a Girl Scout volunteer feels that an event or happening has national appeal, they will follow the steps listed in the ‘Council Wide Public Relations’ procedure. If the council’s Marketing/Communications Department agrees that the event or happening has national appeal, the Director of Marketing/Communications will then contact GSUSA’s Public Relations staff.

Emergency Situations:
If an emergency situation occurs, Girl Scouts and volunteers must follow the GSNETX Emergency Procedures which include making NO statement of ANY KIND to the media. Do NOT give out any names or information. Ask the media to contact GSNETX headquarters (972-349-2400 or 1-800-442-2260).

Cookie Program Public Relations:
In order to give every Girl Scout an equal opportunity to meet and exceed their personal Cookie Program goals, ALL Girl Scout Cookie Program media efforts (newspaper, magazine, television, radio, billboard, etc.) are coordinated by the council’s Marketing/Communications Department. A single Girl Scout Troop, Service Unit, or individual may NOT contact the media nor list their contact information in an advertisement, commercial, PSA, etc. without written approval from the GSNETX Director of Marketing/Communications. Individuals who choose to violate this policy may lose the privilege of participating in the GSNETX Cookie Program.

Flyers/Information in Mailboxes:
It is against federal law to insert flyers in mailboxes. Girl Scouts and Girl Scout volunteers may not place any matter not bearing postage into a mailbox. This includes flyers, Cookie Program information, letters, etc.

Representing Girl Scouts:
When a Girl Scout or Girl Scout volunteer is representing Girl Scouts in any way they must behave in an appropriate, mature manner that fairly represents the Girl Scout movement. If a Girl Scout and/or Girl Scout volunteer acts in violation of this procedure, they may lose their membership privileges.

Press Release Templates
For questions about public relations or help with your press release please contact Monica Gonzalez at or 972-349-2458.


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