Girl Scout Troop & Service Unit Camping

Many times GSNETX camps are not fully booked and openings are available for girl outdoor programs and Girl Scout Troop camping! Whether you are looking for space to have a full weekend out-of-doors or just an outdoor location for a day - to hike, picnic, learn about nature, practice skills or simply watch the clouds - think about using one of your Girl Scout camps!

Register for Troop/Service Unit Camping

Openings are updated weekly on Wednesdays.

Click below for detailed descriptions of units and camps:

Accommodation Fees
Platform Tents with Unit Shelters $10
Cabins with Unit Shelters $15
Bette Perot - Laird West(per wing), Palomino, Mustang $100 + $6 per person
Whispering Cedars - Hickory Hollow, Tejas Timbers $100 + $6 per person
Camp Bette Perot, Gambill, Rocky Point & Whispering Cedars for use of dining hall and/or industrial kitchen (form required)
Dining Hall use only (without use of kitchen) $200/weekend
Use of Industrial Kitchen $275/weekend
Activities Fees
Swimming (May-September) $5/person
Canoeing or Kayaking (May - September) $10/person
Archery Contact ANTS for more information
Bette Perot Ropes Course - High Ropes - 6th grade & up $30/person
Bette Perot Ropes Course - Low Ropes - 4th grade & up $20/person
Day Use
Designated Outdoor Area $1 per person
Unit Shelter Use $30 per day + $1 per person


Equestrian Program

Please note that the new equestrian badges are progressive and are designed to be done in the order listed under each age level.


When to Register for Camp
Camp draw date: February 15 (for April 1 - March 31)
Placement Criteria:
    • Service Units have priority for September-October dates.
    • Troops have priority placement for April – May dates.
    • Troops & Service Units who are first time camp groups will have priority.
    • Troop & Service Unit events will have priority placement before parent/daughter & family camping events.
    • After the initial placements all campsites not reserved will be open on a first come, first served basis.


GSNETX Camp Openings - Last Update 4/16/2014

Camp Date: Unit Name / #Spaces
Camp Bette Perot
      • Apr. 25-27:  Laird West Lodge/40, Rccoon Ridge tents/24, Treehouse cabins/7
      • May 9-11:  Horseshoe Arch cabins/32, Horseshoe Bend cabins/32
      • May 16-18:  Horseshoe Bend cabins/24
      • Sept. 12-14:  Raccoon Ridge tents/24,
      • Sept. 26-28:  Raccoon Ridge tents/14
      • Oct. 10-12:  Horseshoe Hollow cabins/12, Horseshoe Arch cabins/32, , Laird West Lodge/20, Raccoon Ridge tents/24
      • Oct. 17-19:  Horseshoe Hollow cabins/12, Laird West Lodge/40, Raccoon Ridge tents/24, Palomino Lodge/20
      • Oct. 31-Nov. 2:  Laird West Lodge/40, Mustang Lodge/20, Palomino Lodge/20
Camp Gambill
      • Apr. 25-27:  Frog cabins/16
      • May 2-4:  Frog cabins/23, Sleepy cabins/24
      • May 9-11:  Sleepy cabins/24
      • Sept. 5-7:  Frog cabins/25, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Sept. 12-14:  Frog cabins/40, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Sept. 19-21:  Frog cabins/32, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Oct. 3-5:  Frog cabins/40, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Oct. 10-12:  Frog cabins/40, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Oct. 17-19:  Frog cabins/40, Sleepy cabins/24
      • Oct. 31-Nov. 2:  Frog cabins/40, Sleepy cabins/24
Camp K (Kadohadacho)
      • Apr. 25-27: Primitive spaces only/75
      • May 9-11: Primitive spaces only/75
      • May 16-18: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Sept. 5-7: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Sept. 12-14: Primitive spaces only/60
      • Sept. 17-19: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Sept. 26-28: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Oct. 3-5: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Oct. 10-12: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Oct. 17-19: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Oct. 24-26: Primitive spaces only/75
      • Oct. 31-Nov. 2: Primitive spaces only/75
Camp Rocky Point
    • May 16-18:  Chisholm tents/12
    • Sept. 5-7:  Chisholm tents/24, Camino tents/20, Butterfield tents/20
    • Sept. 17-19:  Chisholm tents/24, Camino tents/20, Butterfield tents/20, Pecos tents/24
    • Sept. 26-28:  Chisholm tents/24, Camino tents/20, Butterfield tents/20, Pecos tents/24
    • Oct. 10-12:  Chisholm tents/24
    • Oct. 17-19:  Chisholm tents/24, Camino tents/20, Pecos tents/24
    • Oct. 24-26:  Chisholm tents/24, Camino tents/20, Butterfield tents/20, Pecos tents/24
    • Oct. 31-Nov. 2:  Chisholm tents/24, Butterfield tents/20
Camp Whispering Cedars
    • Sept. 26-28:  Glen Oaks cabins/24, Cedar Lodge cabins/24, Tejas Timbers Lodge/20, Hickory Hollow Lodge/8
    • Oct. 17-19:  Glen Oaks cabins/24, Tanglewood cabins/24
    • Oct. 24-26:  Glen Oaks cabins/24, Cedar Lodge cabins/24

To inquire further about the following open Girl Scout Troop camp spaces, please contact the Council’s Camp Registrar Lisa Kuhn at or 972.349.2467.


To Register for Girl Scout Troop Camping:

  1. Have one (1) or more adult members of your Girl Scout Troop/group complete course TR301: GSNETX Camping or course TR302: On the Road Camping.
  2. Send one (1) GSNETX Camp Reservation & Approval Form and required copies of FA/CPR/AED training certifications, plus one (1) nonrefundable $50 deposit (total fee if $50 or less) to:
Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Attn: Camp Registrar
6001 Summerside Drive
Dallas, Texas 75252
FAX: 972-349-2498
Note: FA/CPR/AED certifications must be current through the dates of camp requested.
To Register For Girl Scout Service Unit Camping:
  1. Complete the (1) GSNETX Camp Reservation & Approval Form, listing the name of one (1) appropriate troop camp trained adult and one (1) FA/CPR/AED certified adult on the form. If more than 200 girls are attending the campout then the name and certification of a nurse/doctor must be provided. (see Volunteer Essentials Chapter 4 for more information)
  2. Check the box on the top of the GSNETX Camp Reservation & Approval Form for SU campout.
  3. Girl Scout Service Unit deposit is $200.
  4. Download, fill out and submit the Industrial Kitchen/Caterers Use Request for SU Campouts form.
  5. Send Camp Reservation Request form and payment to:
Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
Attn: Camp Registrar
6001 Summerside Drive
Dallas, Texas 75252
FAX: 972-349-2498


Additional Information

  • Deposits are non-refundable and are subtracted from total fees due.
  • Camp reservation requests cannot be processed (and will be returned) if required deposit is not included.
  • Placement Status Notifications will be mailed within two (2) weeks after placement drawing and will indicate a camp date reservation.
  • Girls have priority over adults in placement at camps and for reserving activities.
  • For food service options, see the Kitchen Use/Caterers Reservation Request form. Email the Outdoor Program Manager at for more information. Add Dining Hall weekend fees to budget if catering services are being used. (Include copy of email from caterers with reservation request)
    Catering Contact Information:
    Signature Services, Nancy Crouch, Food Services Director
    214-466-2043 or 1-800-929-5519 ext. 2043
Balance of Fee:
  • Placement/reservation will be canceled by the Council Camp Registrar if the balance of fee is not received by the due date indicated on the Fee Balance/Placement Form. Any non-refundable deposits are forfeited.
Financial Assistance:
  • Click here for guidance and information.
  • Girl Scout Troops / Service Units are responsible for any portions of Financial Assistance that are not granted.
Camp Information Booklets:
Camp information booklets can be found online at:
Camp Check-in/Check-out Times
  • Check-In time at camp begins at 6PM. Troops/Service Units may arrive no earlier than 6PM on Friday evening.
  • Camp check-out is noon on Sunday.
  • Arrivals before 6pm or late checkouts must be made in advance of the campout weekend with the appropriate Outdoor Education Manager. Email if you have any questions concerning check-in/check-out times at camp.

    Be aware that other events may be scheduled on Friday during the day or on Sunday afternoons.
Council Refund Requests:
  • A deposit or fee specified as non-refundable will be deducted from any refund.
  • BEFORE THE CAMP DATE - Written request must be received by council Camp Registrar at least 30 days before camp date for Girl Scout Troop camping and 60 days before a Girl Scout Service Unit Campout.
  • There is a $25 change fee assessed to switch camp dates after being placed.
  • AFTER THE CAMP DATE - If a participant cannot attend due to illness/family emergency, a written request for refund must be received by the council Camp Registrar within 10 business days after the camp date.
Official Cancellation/Camp Closing:
  • Participants are notified by phone if camp is officially closed due to severe weather conditions, emergency repairs, etc. (may be on a last minute basis). An alternate date may be offered or full fee refunded.


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