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For GS Service Unit Teams

President's Award
The President’s Award is designed specifically for GS Service Units. The criteria are based on the council’s overall goals and objectives, and have been weighted based on importance. GS Service Units earn the President’s Award by achieving 100 points out of a possible 142 points. Pins (or leaves if the Team Member as already received the pin) for each GS Service Team member will be presented to those GS Service Units who achieve the President’s Award. A “Goal Setter Service Unit” certificate will be given to all GS Service Units who apply for the President’s Award, but do not achieve it. GS Service Units should think through the award process and utilize it in goal setting, as well as a measurement of their growth and successes.
Please see President’s Award Nomination Form for more specific information on each criterion. The President’s Awards are presented at the Annual Kickoff.
Application due by June 15th to your Membership Specialist.


Adult Recognition Awards

GS Troop Cookie Manager AwardsFor GS Troop LeadersGS Short Term VolunteersFor Adult Service Beyond Direct Service to Girls in one Geographic AreaFor Adult Service Beyond the Local AreaFor Persons/Organizations Who are Not Members of Girl ScoutsFor GS Service Unit TeamsFor any Girl Scout Adult VolunteerOther Ways to Say Thank You
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