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Camping and associated outdoor experiences (hiking, archery, equestrian, water activities) are viable parts of the Girl Scout legacy dating back to our founding in 1912. GSNETX currently has six camps throughout our 32-county region in North Texas. In addition, the East Texas Service Center in Tyler is situated on 13.5 acres and offers possibilities for day or twilight camping.
When accepting a gift of property and preparing a statement of purpose and objectives for Camp Bette Perot years ago, the Board of Directors noted:
"Needs of girls in the future, as well as today, include:
A corner of the earth, somewhere, away from a world of steel and concrete.
A framework of values and activities in which she may move at her own pace, according to her own desires.
A deeply personal antidote to the pressures of organization and efficiency.
A haven where she can talk freely with other young people.
It is our belief that Camp Bette Perot will be that corner of the earth where the girl may stand still and know herself."
This vision still resonates for the impact the outdoor leadership experience can have upon the girls of today and tomorrow. As we near our 100th Anniversary in 2012, we are looking at our camp property portfolio and how we can bring this important body of assets into the 21st century, modernizing our camps and providing a 21st century outdoor leadership experience for our girls.
The Property Master Plan as the first major step over the next several years in improving our facilities and the outdoor leadership experience for girls.
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Survey Highlights
Surveys of girls, parents and troop leaders regarding the outdoor leadership experience and camp facilities were conducted online using Survey monkey over the period from February 12 through February 23. Key highlights from the surveys can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Property Master Planning Survey Highlights.pdf

Final Property Master Plan Recommendations Approved by Board

Project Update by Camp
View the latest planning and recommendations for each of our outdoor properties.

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If you have any comments or suggestions on the future of our outdoor properties, please send us an e-mail today. Thank you.

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