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Listening To The Past with Buttermaking and Rag Dolls   STEM Program
Grade Levels Served:  D,B,J,C,S,A,F
Program Description:  In this very hands-on workshop girls will learn what life was like 200 years ago and how technology has changed our lives. The presenter will be in 19th century costume and bring several props. Girls will learn a little about the science of milk and butter making. Girls will make (and eat) their own butter and learn how time consuming this chore was, a lesson only learned by experience. They will try many games and toys from past generations and make a rag doll to take home. They will learn several new vocabulary words that coincide with science and social studies lessons.
Price:  $6-10
Min/Max:  8/40
Offered By:  Texana Living History Association
Contact Information:  Kathy Ogle, 214-906-5792
Location:  Texana Living History Association, 10119 Chimney Hill Lane, Dallas, TX 75243-2308
Date and Time:  Call to schedule
STEM:  Yes
Badge Program:  N/A
Form:  Texana_Living_History_Association-Buttermaking.pdf
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