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Team XN: Expedition Central America
Grade Levels Served:  J,C,S,A
Program Description:  Exploration Nation travels the country doing authentic scientific research by real elementary and middle school kids. We work with partners including NASA, US Fish and Wildlife, the University of Texas, US Geological Survey, New Mexico State University, Texas A&M, and many others.

These adventures are transformed into digital, standards aligned, exciting mini-documentaries in the style of popular cable television programs like Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and Modern Marvels. We then create formal instruction materials to integrate with the video.

We are partnering with a few, select organizations (EARTH University, Discovery Education, NASA, PTA, NSTA, etc.) to get the word out about a very special initiative that we believe will be greatly inspiring to Girl Scouts and kids in general.

What: Team of kid Explorers partner with Special Forces medics and surgeons to deliver medical aid and support to the Rama Indians in Nicaragua. Fourteen day jungle Expedition to be broadcast live by satellite free of charge.

In April of 2013, a team of kids, Special Forces veterans and surgeons will travel from around the world to San Jose, Costa Rica to begin a 14 day scientific expedition through the jungle that will culminate in setting up a surgical clinic for the Rama indians in Nicaragua.

Why: To send the message that science education is the path to improving the human condition.

How: For each of the fourteen days of the expedition, Exploration Nation will broadcast live to hundreds of thousands of classrooms around the world. Students can follow Team XN as they trek through the jungles of Central America, perform valuable scientific research and work side by side with doctors to deliver badly needed medical services and supplies.

When: Expedition Central America will take place April 2 - April16th. However we are launching the outreach program now so we can meet our goal of taking 350K kids with us on the journey via live video.

Learn more about this educational opportunity here:

Price:  Free
Min/Max:  /
Offered By:  Exploration Nation
Location:  Georgetown, TX 78627
Date and Time:  Apr 02, 2013 - to Apr 16, 2013
Badge Program:  N/A
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