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Native American Indian Camp
Grade Levels Served:  B,J,C,S,F
Program Description:  Learn about the indigenous people of North America, focusing on the Plains Indians. Set up and sleep in an authentic Tipi. Learn about communicating with sign Language and their picture graphs. Fun hunting activities, to include Archery. Learn how to build and maintain a tipi fire. Evening Pow Wow: drumming, dancing, stories, songs. Cost includes two meals, camping and a craft. You will need to provide your own lunches, mess kits, and sleeping bags. We can help small troops meet the minimum by joining with other troops. We begin Saturday morning and end Sunday afternoon. Some dates are on the 2013 calendar, call for more information
Price:  $21+
Min/Max:  12/30
Offered By:  Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center
Contact Information:  April Holtzman, 940-440-8382
Location:  Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center 1036 County Road 203 1036 County Road 203 Collinsville TX 76233
Date and Time:  Call to schedule - 2:30 PM
Badge Program:  N/A
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