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STEM is embedded in all of the GS Journeys so even if it is not the preferred activity for your girls, they can still get the advantage of diversified activities. GSUSA has provided asset pages to help you identify which activities may relate to science for each program grade levels:
The It’s Your World—Change It! journey series invites girls to explore unique leadership challenges as part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. In these premier journeys, Taking Action has a starring role. In each journey, fun and challenging experiences mingle in that special way that makes Girl Scouting distinct from school and other extracurricular activities. Journeys reach to the core of Girl Scouting and its mission of girl leadership. They also dip back into beloved Girl Scout traditions—and take time to create new ones. Journeys also reach forward, with cutting-edge information and design. It’s Your World – Change It! helps girls understand what it means to be a leader who makes a difference in the world.
The Journey series, It's Your Planet—Love It! uses girls’ concern for the environment to propel their interest in STEM. It encourages girls to think critically about their interactions with the natural world by engaging them in age-appropriate, leadership-building activities that make STEM relevant and fun.
The It's Your Story - Tell It! leadership journey series helps girls develop practical life skills around healthy living. Through activities that get the girls moving and thinking in creative and physically challenging ways, through role-play activities that allow them to become comfortable and competent taking part in real-life, age-appropriate social situations, and well as through recipes and general health and well-being content and discussion, the journeys offer girls content and activities to develop physically, socially, and emotionally healthy lifestyles now and for their futures.
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