In order to achieve the mission of delivering hands on, innovative STEM programming, we rely on industry and academic leaders to partner with us to plan and implement progressive programming. Here are a few examples of current partnerships:

Council Run Opportunities

AT&T IMAGINE grant Through a grant from AT&T Foundation, we will pique the interest of underserved high school girls via a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career activities and encourage them to pursue those interests in the future. For more information, visit www.gsnetx.org/imagiNation.
Cookie Box Creations Girls grow in special skills as they address the challenges of structural engineering! Cookie Box Creations teams girls with women architects and engineers, in a design contest to turn empty GS cookie boxes into free-standing structures. This year’s competition is partially funded through by HKS. For more information, visit www.gsnetx.org/cbc.
GET Moving! Girl Scout Juniors will be energized as they learn about kinetic and potential energy all around us. Girls will come unplugged in Spring 2012 as they understand their energy footprint and how they do their own energy audit. Funding for these one day workshops is provided through a GSUSA grant from Ingersoll Rand/Train. For more information, visit www.gsnetx.org/getmoving.
Programs in a Page The Boone Foundation has provided a grant to design, development, implement and evaluate 180 STEM Programs-in-a-Page to integrate STEM programming and themes with the GSUSA Journey series that will help make STEM come alive for the girls . To view these pages, visit www.gsnetx.org/programsinapage.
Research Assistant The Boone Foundation has provided a grant to do a quasi-longitudinal study on the impact of Girl Scouting on girls interest in pursuing higher education, specifically focusing on STEM fields. This research will allow us to begin tracking the impact Girl Scouting can make on a girls’ future success.
STEM Seal of Approval STEM is in everything we do. Girls can track their STEM points and get S, T, E and M hexagonal patches to build their STEM Seal of Approval “honeycomb” to wear on their sash or vest. This program has been created through a partnership with Texas Instruments. For more information, click here.
Texas Instruments STEM Badge Girls can enjoy STEM at every level. Fun, hands on badges have been designed for every program grade level to develop critical thinking and teamwork while they learn about science and engineering.Click here for more information.
If you are interested in partnering with GSNETX to impact the future of girls in STEM, contact stem@gsnetx.org or 972.349.2411
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