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Council Level Volunteers

Honor Pin
Recognizes an adult member who has repeatedly given outstanding service beyond the local level to a broad segment of the council and has supported the achievement of the Council goals and objectives.

Spirit of Excellence Award
Recognizes an adult member who has given service of Council-wide significance in a way that furthers the achievement of the Council’s goals, who has earned the Honor Pin and has shown outstanding leadership skills.

Thanks Badge
The Thanks Badge recognizes an adult whose outstanding service benefits the total Council or the entire Girl Scout Organization and has performed so significantly above and beyond the call of duty that no other award would be appropriate.

Thanks Badge II
The Thanks Badge II recognizes a person who has continued to perform at the same high level for an extended period of time, increasing the nominee’s sphere of influence, or using the nominee’s skills and talents to move into another field of endeavor.


Adult Recognition Awards

GS Troop Cookie Manager AwardsFor GS Troop LeadersGS Short Term VolunteersFor Adult Service Beyond Direct Service to Girls in one Geographic AreaFor Adult Service Beyond the Local AreaFor Persons/Organizations Who are Not Members of Girl ScoutsFor GS Service Unit TeamsFor any Girl Scout Adult VolunteerOther Ways to Say Thank You
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