Our Impact

Our one-of-a-kind adventures empower every girl to try new things and take smart risks. We help her learn that she has everything it takes to solve her own challenges, now and later. At home, at school, and in Girl Scouts, don't be surprised when she speaks up to say, "I've got this!" 

Being a Girl Scout isn't just about what you do, it's about how you do it. When used together, these three processes ensure quality and promote the fun and friendship so integral to Girl Scouting:


The Girl Scout experience is designed to be girl-led. Decision making, compromise, and communication are essential elements to developing strong leaders.


We encourage girls to learn by doing. We ask them to take a risk - try it out and see how it works.


Girl Scouts is a cooperative experience - girls work together to discover, connect and take action in their community.


Why do these 5 outcomes matter? When girls exhibit these attitudes and skills, they become responsible, productive, caring, and engaged citizens. But don't take our word for it! Studies show that the development of attitudes, behaviors, and skills like confidence, conflict resolution, and problem solving are critical to well-being and rival academic and technical skills in their capacity to predict long-term positive life outcomes. Girl Scout Mythbusters