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outdoor adventure

Troop and Service Unit Camping

It’s time for an outdoor adventure with your troop or service unit!

Want to camp all weekend or come out for a day of exploration and fun? GSNETX camps are the place for you!

Safety first! Every camping group must have at least one adult that has completed TR301: GSNETX Camp Training and at least one adult that has a current certification in CPR/ First Aid/ AED.

A new troop camping reservation system is coming soon!
We are excited to roll out a new tool late this summer to help you reserve your troop's place at our exciting weekend camps throughout the school year. Stay tuned - until then, be sure to register for camping this fall. Limited space available. Come explore the possibilities!

Burn Ban Notice (as of August 15, 2016)

A burn ban is an emergency declaration submitted through recommendations by the County Fire Marshal, Forest Service and Weather Service which prohibits any outdoor burning or open flame during special times of draught or extreme weather conditions. In addition, there is a scale called the Keetch-Byrom Drought Index that is used which measures the moisture in the soil that is directly proportional to that found in vegetation.

Camp Bette Perot (Anderson County) – No burn ban currently

Camp Gambill (Lamar County) – No burn ban currently

Camp Rocky Point & Camp K (Grayson County) – No burn ban currently

East Texas Regional Center-Tyler (Smith County) – No burn ban currently

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