We can't change the lives of girls without YOU!

These in-depth trainings provide extra support to help you create a safe and fun Girl Scout experience.


New Volunteer Requirements

Before a new leader starts changing the world, you need to:

  1. Complete the registration process.
  2. Follow the instructions you receive via email and log into MyGS to complete the GSUSA Welcome Video.
  3. View the GSNETX Volunteer Orientation and complete the knowledge check below.


GSNETX Volunteer Orientation

There’s nothing like the great outdoors! Are you ready to go on your first ever outdoor adventure? Or maybe step it up and go tent camping? These REQUIRED outdoor education classes will get you ready and keep girls safe.

The gateway course for beginning campersTR301: GSNETX CAMPING is the course you’re looking for! This course allows you to take your troop to GSNETX campsites so that you lay the foundation of camping with girls in a safe environment with some basic amenities.  

Ready to take camping to the next level?

Already taken a camp certification course? To make sure you can keep having outdoor adventures with your girls, be sure to keep your certification current. Before your certification expires (every 3 years), please complete the online recertification exam TR303: Troop Camping Recertification.

Taking girls to camp or on an excursion? Let’s take a moment to talk about safety…

At least one troop adult must be certified in CPR and First Aid.  You can either take our course or sign up through one of our 6 approved providers.

TR402: Protecting Our Girls – GSNETX Online Child Protection Training

"Protecting Our Girls" is an online training course designed for adults who work directly with children, as mandated by the Health and Safety Code of the State of Texas, for any position involving contact with campers at an established  youth camp; i.e. Day or Twilight Camps. Many facilities where troops might hold their meetings may also require a child protective training certification. This course will fill those needs.

You can either sign up for a course online or by filling out the Adult Registration Training form.


Register immediately through eBiz.


 Click directly on the title of the course you are interested in.


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