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Outdoor Centers of Excellence

Outdoor Centers of Excellence

Today’s girls have many options about how they spend their time. With our commitment to develop modern camp facilities driven by 21st century programming, we have the ability to attract more girls and provide them with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience so critical for their personal development as future leaders.

The results of our long-range Master Property Plan to transform four camps into Outdoor Centers of Excellence, and through the very generous investment of three major partners, the transformation has begun at Camp Whispering Cedars and Camp Bette Perot, two of our most beloved camps.

Camp Whispering Cedars, built in 1921, is the largest urban camp for girls in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and will be transformed into a Center of Excellence for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) – providing a “living laboratory” in which girls will be able to explore STEM careers, conduct on-site experiments, and learn the intricacies of the environment and biodiversity. Adjacent acreage at the entrance to the current camp has been purchased and plans are underway for the new Welcome Center Complex to open in 2015.

Camp Bette Perot, donated by Ross Perot in honor of his sister, Miss Bette, a lifetime Girl Scout, is our largest and most utilized camp, home of our renowned Equestrian Center. A complete redesign of the camp will enable us to retain older girls, train leaders, offer progressive programming and ensure the legacy of a truly fantastic Outdoor Leadership Experience for girls. The new aquatic center officially opened June 2014.

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The Perot Foundation-Proud Sponsor of the Perot Aquatic Center at Camp Bette Perot

Harold Simmons Foundation-Proud Sponsor of the Serena Connely Archery Range & The Lisa K. Simmons Amphitheater at Camp Whistering Cedars-STEM Center of Excellence

The Rees Jones Foundation-Proud Sponsor of the Welcome Center at Camp Whispering Cedars-STEM Center of Excellence

Outdoor Centers of Excellence Sponsors

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas is proud to thank our Lead Donors as we continue our capital campaign to raise $13 million.

The Hoglund Foundation-Proud Sponsor of The Hoglund Foundation Girl Center at Camp Whispering Cedars-STEM Center of Excellence

Horlitzelle Foundation-Proud Sponsor of Camp Whispering Cedars-STEM Center of Excellence

Mille and Allen Bradley-Proud Sponsor of Camp Whispering Cedars-STEM Center of Excellence

The Dalls FoundationThe Dallas Foundation
NBC Universal Foundation
Hunter & Stephanie Hunt
Debra and Steven Leven

Erle Nye
Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation
C.J. and Julie Vogel