Step 1: Community Mapping
A community map is a drawing or a list that shows the community’s needs and resources, including contacts who might help girls when working on a Take Action project. Have girls draw a picture of their community, include resources such as the library, animal shelters, parks department, and more. Next have the girls think about issues or problems in their community. You can have girls ask their parents and watch the local news and have ideas for the next meeting if they need time to research.
These problems may be small or large issues. Some examples may include: old unsafe playground at the local park, many stray cats that don't have a home, nothing for teens to do on the weekend, bullies at school, etc.
Important: One key to a great Take Action project is to determine what the community needs are before creating the Take Action project. There is nothing worse than creating a project, then finding out that it was not needed. Also, these projects should be girl-led, so make sure that your girls care about the issue at hand and that they can complete the project.