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Our Girl Scouts need a sense of normal; they need to continue to build their confidence and engage with the world around them, and they need hope for the future. The Girl Scout Cookie program delivers on all of that!

This quickstart guide will get her business up and running so she can start meeting her goals and celebrating each sale. There are several ways to get involved. Find the path that is right for your girl and your family.


Get started in three easy steps:

1-5 for cookies go


 Register your Girl Scout for the 2020-2021 Membership Year

1-5 for cookies go
1-5 for cookies go


Connect with your troop's Cookie Manager to find out how to get cookies!

Pathways to sell cookies this year:

No Risk! Easy & Fun!

12/11/20 - With the help of her parent/caregiver, a Girl Scout sets up Digital Cookie to sell online. Orders open December 11, in-person deliveries begin in January. No money-handling or guesswork required. Click here for all the details on how to set up Digital Cookie and how it works.

No Risk! Easy & Fun!

1/15/21 - Based on comfort level, a girl can begin selling in person. Selling door to door, to family and friends, teammates, and beyond, asking her network of contacts is a great way to get started! Our Cookie Mix Calculator will help you know what Cookies to have on hand to meet the demand.

No Risk! Easy & Fun!

1/15/21 - Have you ever seen a Girl Scout selling cookies at your favorite neighborhood restaurant? That's called a Cookie Booth Sale! Girls and their families can work with their Troop Cookie Manager to set up family booth sales as a new way to reach more customers. Girls should follow all state and local precautions including wearing a mask and gloves.

No Risk! Easy & Fun!

1/29/21 - Girls can participate in Troop Booth Sales and Council Booth Sales with local partners like grocery stores and more. Council Booth Sale locations are secured by Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas and troops can sign up for slots in eBudde, our Cookie Program software. Proceeds from these booth sales benefit the troop and helps to fund Girl Scout adventures!

Help! My Troop is not participating in the Cookie Program, but my Girl Scout still wants to sell cookies.

If your Girl Scout's troop is not participating in the Cookie Program and your Girl Scout would still like to sell cookies, we can help make that happen. She can participate as a Juliette in the Cookie Program, continue to earn awesome rewards, and will receive Girl Scout bucks instead of troop proceeds. Want to learn more? Check out our Juliette Quick Start Guide below! 

If your Girl Scout would like to sell cookies as a Juliette (aka non-troop Girl Scout), you'll need to complete the Juliette Participation Form in addition to completing the Cookie Program Parent Permission form.


Cookie Program Family Guide

There are so many ways to sell cookies and a lot of information available to support girls and their families. Check out our Cookie Program Family Guide for additional details, information, and even activities for your Girl Scout!

Ready for more information and details? Visit for all the resources you need for the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Social Media Toolkits

Use these graphics to help add cookie bling as you share your cookie sale messaging!

Cookie-Seller / Parent Toolkit
December: Digital Cookie Sales

Click image to download. Highlight/copy caption to paste to social media post.

  • social_cookies_stockpile
    [post prior to 12/11] Hope you've cleared some space for your stockpile! Girl Scout Cookies are coming soon. This year, you can place your order online, through my very own Cookie website starting 12/11! #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • social_cookies_time
    [post on or after 12/11] It’s Girl Scout cookie time! Ready to place your order? Check out my Digital Cookie website to order online and have cookies shipped directly to your door. You can donate cookies too or place an order for me to deliver cookies to you in January! 🍪💚 #GirlScoutCookieSeason [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
  • social_cookies_looking
    Ready to order some tasty treats? We’ve got what you need! Place your order today here: [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
  • social_cookies_buy_online
    Ready to order some tasty treats? We’ve got what you need! Place your order today here: [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
  • social_cookies_help
    Cookie entrepreneurs are giving back! Order a package of Girl Scout Cookies to be donated to a good cause. Order here: [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
  • social_cookies_home
    That's right! Your favorite Girl Scout Cookies can be purchased from the comfort of your home. Order from my Digital Cookie website today! [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
January: Additional Cookie Sales Resources
  • Cookie Phase 7Days
    [post 1/8/21] The Girl Scout Cookie countdown is on! 7 more days! #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • Cookie Phase 5Days
    [post 1/10/21] Only 5 days until #GirlScoutCookieSeason begins!
  • Cookie Phase 3Days
    [post 1/12/21] Who wants Samoas? Only 3 days until #GirlScoutCookieSeason! 🍪🍪🍪
  • CookiePhase 1Day
    [post 1/14/21] It’s the eve of #GirlScoutCookieSeason and we’re so excited! Only ONE more sleep until Girl Scout Cookies! 🍪
  • Cookie Phase Its Cookie Time
    [post 1/15/21] Do a happy dance, Girl Scout Cookie fans!! It’s officially cookie time! 🍪💚 #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • 2020_Proud_Cookie_Dad
    I’m #ManEnoughToBeAGirlScout 💪 Ask me how you can get your Girl Scout Cookie fix this year!
  • 2020_Proud_Cookie_Mom
    Proud Girl Scout Cookie mom right here! 🙋 Ask me how to buy a box (or five!) today.
  • CookieSeason_Top3
    Samoas, Do-si-Dos and Thin Mints are all the talk in our home! Ask me how to buy your favorite cookie. #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • Virtual Tools Girl Scout Cookie Season Safety
    This Girl Scout Cookie Season, we're putting safety first. Ask me about our low-contact and contactless delivery options. #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • Volunteer Phase Love Cookies
    We ❤️ Girl Scout Cookies! My Girl Scout is selling cookies this #GirlScoutCookieSeason. Ask me how you can get your boxes. 🍪
  • VirtualTools_CookiesAtYourDoorstep_Z6ufxwY
    This Girl Scout Cookie Season, stockpile on your favorite Girl Scout Cookies without leaving the safety of your home. Order online and we’ll deliver straight to your door! [insert girl's Digital Cookie link]
  • Cookie Season Looking For GS Cookies
    Everyone’s favorite season has arrived! Here are the Girl Scout Cookie varieties cookie entrepreneurs will be offering this season.
  • Cookie Season Socially Distant Selling
    Can’t make it to a booth? Have a package of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies delivered to you! #GirlScoutCookieSeason
  • Holidays Valentines Day(1)
    [post on 2/14/21] Show them you really care! Gift your sweetheart or someone you love a package of Girl Scout Cookies
  • About Cookies 5 Skills
    Girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program do a lot more than sell cookies! They learn essential skills while running their very own cookie business.
  • About Cookies GS Cookie Varieties
    Everyone’s favorite season has arrived! Here are the Girl Scout Cookie varieties cookie entrepreneurs will be offering this season.
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