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Troop Volunteer Resources

Who's excited for cookie season? We're so glad you're here, supporting your cookie entrepreneurs and we've designed the tools you need! 

Ready to Get Started?
check_32Requirements to be a Troop Cookie Manager (TCM):
  1. Active 2019-2020 Girl Scout Membership.
  2. Approved background check on file, expiring on or after 10/1/2019.
  3. Complete Troop Cookie Manager Agreement.
  4. Complete Troop Cookie Manager Knowledge Check and achieve an 85% or higher.  Have these resources handy: Cookie Program Guidelines & Expectations & Cookie Program Dates
  5. Ensure your troop's bank account is registered and that all is in order with your troop finances
    Tip: If you have previously registered your account, your troop should be good to go!
Dates You Need To Know - Mark Your Calendar!
10/26 Troop Initial Pre-Season Order Opens in eBudde
Troop Cookie Managers can begin entering the troop's Initial Pre-Season Order in eBudde. Make sure to save, but do not submit until you're ready to finalize the order. 
10/26 My Sale Scheduling can begin!
Families and troops may begin approaching retailers, not listed as a council booth partner on the 2020 My Sale Request Form. Council partners include locations like Walmart, Kroger, Tom Thumb and more. Remember, all sales must follow the My Sale Request approval process, be entered in eBudde and approved by your local SU Cookie Program Coordinator.
11/14 Council Booth Signup Round 1 in eBudde - Learn More
Troops may sign up for 3 Council Organized Booths in eBudde starting at 12:00 p.m.. There is a one chain limit per store in this round. For example, troops can sign up for one Walmart, one Kroger and one Tom Thumb. 
11/18 Cookie Concierge Deadline
Troops who wish to participate in Cookie Concierge, where GSNETX pre-selects the pickup time and location based on the troop's preferences, prior to delivery selection opening to all troops, should place their Initial Pre-Season Order by 11:59 p.m.. To quality, troops must (1) have a 400+ PGA or (2) have a total of 400 cases on their Initial Pre-Season Order.
11/21 Troop Initial Pre-Season Order due in eBudde
Troops who wish to place an Initial Pre-Season Order in eBudde must do so by 11:59 p.m., in order to be able to pick up cookies the first weekend of the Cookie Program in January. 
11/21 Troop Initial Pre-Season Rewards due in eBudde 
If the troop placed an Initial Pre-Season Order, the Rewards Order is also due by 11:59 p.m., for the troop and should be submitted on the Rewards tab within eBudde. Make sure to check hoodie sizes for girls who are eligible!
11/21 Troop Rewards Settings Lock - Learn More
Troops who elect to receive rewards or Cadette, Senior and Ambassador (CSA) troops who are opting out of rewards for additional proceeds must do so on the settings tab within eBudde by 11:59 p.m. if they placed an Initial Pre-Season Order.
11/26-11/29 GSNETX Offices closed
No eBudde loads or customer service available during this time.
12/5 Initial Order Pickup Selection Opens
Troops can access eBudde at 12:00 p.m. to select the location, dates and preferred pick-up time for those who placed an Initial Pre-Season Order. This selection is made on the Delivery tab.
12/10 Digital Cookie - troop volunteer access opens! 
12/12 Council Booth Signup Round 2 in eBudde
Troops may sign up for seven additional Council Organized Booths in eBudde starting at 12:00 p.m.. There is not a chain limit per store in this round. 
12/13 Initial Order Pickup Selection Deadline
By 11:59 p.m., troops who placed an Initial Pre-Season Order should select a location, date and preferred pickup time in eBudde on the Delivery tab.
12/19 Council Booth Signup Round 3 in eBudde
Troops may sign up for 50 additional Council Organized Booths in eBudde starting at 12:00 p.m.. There is not a chain limit per store in this round. 
12/20-1/1 GSNETX Offices closed
No eBudde loads or customer service available during this time.
1/6 Digital Cookie - parent access opens! 
1/16-19 Initial Pre-Season Order Pickup 
Troops who placed an Initial Pre-Season Order pick-up their cookie order from the location listed on their Delivery Confirmation in eBudde on the date and time specified. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early, have vehicles cleaned out, seats folded down, and that you have enough room to pick up all cookies ordered at the time designated. 
1/17 2020 Cookie Program officially begins! 
Girls may start taking orders, going door to door, sharing their Digital Cookie website link and participating in My Family Booth Sales.
1/22 Additional Cookie Pickup Begins
Does your troop need more cookies? Didn't place an Initial Pre-Season Order? Check out the Additional Cookie Pickup calendar to see the locations, dates and times that our warehouses and trucks are open. If picking up additional cookies from a truck, designated on the calendar, don't forget that you must place a pending order by 12:00 p.m. the day before, excluding Sundays.
1/31 Council-Organized & Troop Booth Sales begin
Council organized booth sales begin based on the troops who have signed up in eBudde for these slots. Troop booth sales also begin.
2/4 1st Payment - 15% of Council Proceeds ACH
GSNETX will ACH draft 15% of the Council Proceeds as listed on the Sales Report Tab, minus any payments already received. Troops will receive an email on Wednesday, January 29th from GSNETX providing the amount to be drafted from the troop's account. 
2/18 2nd Payment - 40% of Councils Proceeds ACH
GSNETX will ACH draft 40% of the Council Proceeds as listed on the Sales Report Tab, minus any payments already received. Troops will receive an email on Wednesday, February 12th from GSNETX providing the amount to be drafted from the troop's account. 
3/1 2020 Cookie Program ends
3/5 Deadline to allocate cookies in eBudde
All troops, even those who are opting out of rewards must fully allocate all cookies in eBudde by 11:59 p.m.
3/5 Deadline to submit final rewards 
All troops, even those who are opting out of rewards, must submit their rewards order in eBudde by 11:59 p.m.. If a reward selection is note made for a girl, default selections will be made by GSNETX as the girl forfeits her ability to choose.
3/5 Deadline to submit Outstanding Funds Report (OFR)
Troops should never use troop funds to pay for a girl/family's cookie balance, who has not paid the troop. Doing so eliminates GSNETX's ability to collect on the troop's behalf. Troops who have girls with balances outstanding for the Cookie Program should always file an Outstanding Funds Report to ensure that the troop's rewards as a whole are not affected, only those with outstanding balances due. Outstanding Funds Reports are due by 11:59 p.m.

All Money Due - Final Payment - 100% of Council Proceeds
GSNETX will ACH draft 100% of the Council Proceeds as listed on the Sales Report Tab, minus any payments already received. Troops will not receive a confirmation email of this amount due and are responsibile for verifying the amount due on the Sales Report Tab to ensure funds are available.

Troops who do not pay in full, on-time and who do not have an Outstanding Funds Report on file for any remaining balance may not receive rewards.

5/31 Last Day to Sell Cookies
If you still have unsold cookies, after the Cookie Program has ended, you may continue to sell until this date by selling to family and friends, door to door or continuing to set up My Sales, but not with Council Organized Booth Partners. 
Handy Resources (Guides, Forms & Tools)
Troop Volunteer Resources 
  • Troop Cookie Manager Guide -  this guide provides an overview of the 2020 Cookie Program and will be a great resource to you!
  • Cookie Program Guidelines & Expectations – this resource will cover all the program rules that are super important to be informed of and to follow! It’s searchable and easy for you to find what you’re looking for. 
  • Cookie Mix Tool   Enter the number of cookies you want to order in this handy online tool, and it will give you the recommended flavor breakdown! You can even enter your Troop Cookie Manager’s email address and send a copy their way.  
  • Cookie Program 5 Skills for Girls 
  • Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin – it’s never been easier to support your girl as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin for her uniform every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skill set, making success a snap. Download your girl’s level and get started!
  • My Sale Request Form - Starting 10/26, troops and families can begin approaching locations which are not Council Booth Partners to hold booth sales. The list of Council Booth Partners is listed on the My Sale Request form as GSNETX has until 10/26 to finalize all partnerships. The My Sale Request form must be entered in eBudde by the TCM, sent to the Service Unit Cookie Program Coordinator and approved by the local Service Unit Cookie Program Coordinator. Violating booth guidelines can result in fines and the loss of booth approvals.
    Council Booth Partners include:
    Albertson's, B & B Grocery, Brookshire Brothers, Brookshire's, Burkes Outlet, Dave's Grocery, Dunkin Donuts, Firewheel Town Center, Golden Triangle Mall, GSNETX Shops, Irving Mall, Joann Fabric & Craft Stores, Kroger, Layne's Chicken, Longview Mall, Lowe's, Market Street, Sam's Club, Spring Market, Super 1 Foods, Tom Thumb, and Walmart.
  • eBudde Login Page - eBudde is our Cookie Program software used to manage all things cookies including booth sales, girl's sales and rewards and more. You have to be an authorized user approved by GSNETX to access this system. 
How To Videos

Are you ready to dive into the 2020 Cookie Program? Our guides and training look much different this year as we're focused on giving you information, including how to documents, videos and more on a "just in time" basis. This will set our troops up for success by having micro-videos by topic to understand exactly what you need to do to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

To complete the TCM Knowledge Check, you do not need any video training, just have the 2020 Cookie Program Guidelines & Expectations and 2020 Cookie Program Dates handy. Review the guidelines and familiarize yourself with the dates and what they mean. When you're ready, complete the TCM knowledge check.

Program Videos & Documents
Permits & Printables
Get Support
  • eBudde Support Request: Are you a troop cookie manager who has completed all steps to serve in the role for your troop but have not yet been loaded into eBudde? Do you have a girl who has an active membership and a parent permission form on file who is not listed in eBudde?
  • Digital Cookie Support Request: For TCMs and parents who are having trouble accessing Digital Cookie.
  • Missing Warehouse Card Support Request: All warehouse cards are sent via email for the 2020 Cookie Program. TCMs who have been loaded into eBudde but have not received their warehouse cards should complete this link.
  • Damaged Cookie Support Request: If you picked up cookies from a warehouse or truck and have damages packages, complete this link for support.
  • Request to Add eBudde User: For TCMs who would like to add a user to their troop in eBudde. TCMs can request to add Troop Leaders, View Only Users, etc.