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Carrot Club

The chance to bond with one of our 80 horses becomes a life changing experience, and many of our girls say they never forget the horse they rode at camp and the exhilaration of riding for the first time! 

That's why we encourage you to share in the care of the horses through the Carrot Club.  Whether you join as an individual, with your family, or with your troop or service unit, your gift helps keep our horses healthy and happy, and provides a memorable experience for hundreds of Girl Scouts each year. Donations are also compatible with Family Partnership.

Three levels of support:

Give $10 monthly/$120 annually - Love a horse! 

     Individual: Receive photo of a horse with fun facts and a Carrot Club patch

     Group (limited to 20): Receive photo of a horse with fun facts and a Carrot Club patch


Give $50 monthly/$600 annually - Spoil a horse! 

     Individual: Receive photo of a horse, Carrot Club patch, invitation to BBQ picnic with trail ride at Camp Bette Perot (TBD in Fall 2017)

     Group: Receive photo of a horse, Carrot Club patch at additional $1/donor over 20 donors, invitation to BBQ picnic with trail ride ($5/person) at Camp Bette Perot (TBD in Fall 2017)


Give $125 monthly/$1,500 annually - Sponsor a horse!

     Individual: Includes all other level benefits plus a photo with the horse you're sponsoring, a private lesson (45 min. session with horse selected by GSNETX staff based on riding level), and recognition on the Carrot Club web page.

     Group: Includes all other level benefits plus a Cake and Carrots party with your horse, group photo, and recognition on the Carrot Club web page.

*Trail rides are limited to 80 people 

Meet the Horses!

Biko - Arabian


This pampered gentleman is of royal heritage – and it shows!  At 17 years of age, he holds his noble head tall with a proud arch and his signature high tail can be seen flying when he runs!  A former dressage horse and champion jumper, Biko also loves barrel racing, but he loves showers the most!

Bitsy - Welsh Pony


This gorgeous and petite redhead is a rescue from the Anderson County Auction.  In reality, Bitsy has rescued our hearts!  A feisty little dynamo, she is spot-on for trail rides, but gets a bit excited in the arena.  She really just wants to be loved, yet is a trifle unsure you really mean it!  Let’s convince her, shall we? 

Buckaroo - Quarter Horse


This elder statesman has earned his stripes as the lead horse for drill.  He is one of the bravest steeds we know!  He is so brave in fact, that “We could ride him up the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.!”  25 year old Buckaroo has the honor of participating in our Flag Ceremonies.  One of Buckaroo’s most identifiable features is his Supraorbital Fossa.  

Carl - Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse


This handsome sorrel chestnut was originally named “Killer Karl” after a famous wrestler.  In reality, he is absolutely the kindest, gentlest Camp Horse ever!  He loves giving Brownies their very first riding experience.  You can see “Majestic Carl” silhouetted against the Texas sky as he stands on his favorite hill.  But, don’t try to rush him on the trail, or you’ll get “The Face!”

Dude - Quarter Horse Paint


This 15 year old paint is a throwback to the Wild West and a talent to be reckoned with.  Dude is a mount for our advanced cavaliers, working primarily with our Tejas Riders.  Joining us from RJ Ranch, Dude is very friendly, yet quirky.  Dubbed “The Pocket Pony”, be careful what you carry in your pockets, or he might just nibble it away!

Ginger - Miniature Horse


A former English Show Pony, this sweet miniature horse has been a Camp Bette Perot favorite for the past four years.  Also known as Granite’s “Mini-Me”, Ginger is super gentle and is the best first experience for girls who have never been around a horse.  Since she is kid-size, she’s perfect for grooming lessons, and happy to do saddle demos. She isn’t ridden, but is the absolute best at ‘getting loved on’.

Adopt Ginger & Granite for $2500!

Granite - Quarter Horse


Granite is a Blue Roan color – meaning his coat is a dark color, but mixed with a sprinkling of sugar white hairs.  Donated to Camp Bette Perot by Tex Lowe, Granite was the choice horse of our original equine director because of his incredible endurance – unusual for a quarter horse.  Granite loves to do tricks and drills and performs in most rodeos. 

Adopt Ginger & Granite for $2500!

Jackpot - Quarter Horse


Jackpot is an essential member of our Equestrian Program as he enjoys strolling the trails with Brownies, expertly executing the drill with The Tejas Riders, and handling everything in between. A prize winning roping horse in his earlier years, this sorrel still prefers to wear shoes rather than go au natural like most of our other horses.  Since coming to live with the Girl Scouts Jackpot has delivered many a command performance with the Tejas Riders including parades and rodeos.  Jackpot can be spotted at the hay bale in the pasture enjoying the company of his best friend, Dude, when not working.

Jazz - Thoroughbred


At 17 hands tall, this magnificent bay thinks he’s a movie star!  Jazz was a big time show horse, competing in hunter/jumper events.  When he could no longer jump, he decided he’d live amongst his adoring fans at Girl Scouts.  He was so spoiled from his life in the spotlight that it took some time to learn he was “just a horse” like everyone else.  Well, just a HANDSOME horse, anyway!

Mouse - Quarter Horse


This black beauty is a former ranch horse with loads of energy.  Mouse is a fireball and a goof all in one!  Mouse carries our older, experienced girls and loves to perform in rodeos.  One of Mouse’s favorite memories is a very special girl named Maggie.  Be sure to ask about the story of Maggie and Mouse!

Riddles - Morgan Horse/ Quarter Horse

RIDDLES - Horse of the Month

This beautiful gray horse (all white horses start out a different color, so they are all technically called gray!) and her maternal instinct put even the tiniest 2nd graders at ease with her kind and gentle disposition.  She is so wise, that when a small tree fell on her neck during an after-hours trail ride, she calmly lowered her head and backed away.  This sweet lady is nearly 30 years old!

Sunny - Quarter Horse Palomino


There is just something about the golden coat and creamy white mane and tail that makes a Palomino memorable.  Sunny’s previous career was performing in Western re-enactment shows. Originally dubbed, “Sun Spot”, his gait and mood are super smooth, although the sun better be on his back or he gets CRANKY! 


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