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Class Act: Senior Mentors Elementary School Girls in Robotics & Engineering


Tim Roberts, The CW33

Did you know Emma is a Young Woman of Distinction honoree? Learn more about all of the honorees and get tickets!

 Building robots and building up young girl’s futures. It’s a combo that makes Emma Shore our Class Act!

Emma is a Senior at The Hockaday School, and the president of JETS, the school’s robotics team.

“JETS is like a family to me. We’re here almost every day,” Emma said. “We compete in robotics, we usually do pretty well.”

And Emma’s done pretty well herself. She’s received the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and as a lifelong Girl Scout, she was also was the recipient of the Visionary Award, given by the organization for her work focusing on women’s equality.

It’s a subject she’s learned a lot about, going out into the male dominated engineering work.

“So, my very first robotics competition there was this group of boys there and we were talking to them about robotics,” Emma recounted. “And they were like ‘do you even know what a Philips head screwdriver is?’ I thought that was just kind of ridiculous, cause like yeah, we build a robot, we know that.”

Emma has only let comments like that motivate her, and she’s passing her passion for science and engineering onto the next generation of girls.

“I went to Cabell Elementary, which is nearby, and I taught a robotics club every week on Wednesdays to teach girls how to code and how to build their own robots,” she said.

“You can see in her work just the love that she has for engineering and technology,” Leon DeOliveira, the physics and engineering instructor at Hockaday, said. “And just her joy when she comes in and starts working. It’s amazing.”

After high school, she says she wants to work somewhere like Tesla or NASA. So yes for anyone wondering, she knows exactly what Phillips head screwdriver is, and she’ll be using it to build our future.

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