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Girl Scouts Donate for Animals


Submitted Story, Rockwall County Herald Banner

Earlier this year, Girl Scout Troop 8462 donated the first of several donations to the Legacy Humane Society. Although the 6- to 7-year-olds are knee deep into selling Girl Scout cookies, they decided long ago that they would donate a portion of their cookie sales to helping animals. 

“At the beginning of the school year, the girls decided on their journey this year. They chose the ‘Five Flowers, Four Stories and Three Cheers for Animals Journey’ and have been learning about animals all year,” said Ericka English, the troop’s leader. 

So far, the girls have learned how to care for animals the way they care for themselves, how animals help people and how people can help animals. When wondering how to designate the proceeds, another parent in the group who happens to be a vet suggested paying for surgeons that the shelter would otherwise have to fund themselves. 

“It’s ironic because when I went to our bank to get the money order for the donation, the teller asked who to make out the money order to and I said the ‘Rockwall Animal Shelter’  and her face lit up. She told me that she volunteers there every weekend walking the big dogs. She’s a very petite woman so to see photos of her walking these huge dogs touched my heart. I felt even better about the girls’ decision to donate their cookie money there.”

If that wasn’t enouh, learning the shelter is not funded by the county compelled the group to help them even more. 

They’ll continue cookie season with their sights set on helping even more animals.

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