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Lookie, Cookies! Girl Scouts' New S'mores Cookie Will Return In 2018 In DFW


Via Guide Live

Did you get a taste of 2017's new Girl Scout cookie, S'mores? No? That's because they were one tough cookie to get your hands on. 

"A run on S'mores," we wrote in January 2017, "has depleted warehouse inventories." The new S'mores cookie flew off the shelves.

Well, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas announced today that the S'mores cookie will return in 2018. 

The Girl Scouts picked a seemingly perfect day to announce the coming return of S'mores: on National S'mores Day, Aug. 10.

S'mores, in fact, have "strong ties to our organization's history," says Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas CEO Jennifer Bartkowski. We can picture little scouts sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.

When Girl Scout cookies return Jan. 12-Feb. 25, 2018, its boxes of S'mores will cost $5 each. 

If you think you'll want "s'more, please," better get a few extra. Before they're gone.

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