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Troop 2887 Dedicates New Butterfly Garden for Bronze Award


The Forney Post

Being granted beautiful weather on Saturday morning, the Girl Scouts of Troop 2887 welcomed their families and Forney Mayor Rick Wilson to assist them in dedicating a new Butterfly Garden located in Forney’s Community Park.

Planted near the trail bridge between the soccer fields and the softball complex, Troop 2887 worked closely with Forney Parks Director Richard Curry to create a beautifully designed butterfly garden which is already attracting dozens of butterflies native to Texas.

The Girl Scouts of Troop 2887 took turns thanking everyone who assisted them in creating, planting and dedicating the Butterfly Garden before Mayor Wilson addressed the crowd and thanked the troop for their dedication to their community.

Mayor Wilson said “Let’s all give these young ladies a big hand. What’s amazing about these young ladies is that without knowing it they matched this almost identically to Forney’s mission statement. And that mission statement is; a community dedicated to family values and quality growth. So these girls without knowing it have completed some of our mission statement.”

Explaining, Mayor Wilson said “They have stepped forward and shown family values here that we want to communicate throughout the community. By investing in our youth, this is exactly what we get back. We get shown how our city really wants to prosper and grow. So, we’re so proud of this and accept this dedication from Troop 2887 for the dedication of the Butterfly Garden in the park. Thank you girls so much.”

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