Girl Scout Works to Get Historical Marker for Fred Moore
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Girl Scout Works to Get Historical Marker for Fred Moore


Caitlyn Jones, Denton Record-Chronicle

Thanks to a local Girl Scout, one of Denton’s most revered educators could soon have a state historical marker next to the school that bears his name.

Girl Scout Elise Clements, a sophomore at Denton High School, approached the Denton school board on Tuesday night to get approval to place a historical marker about Fred Douglas Moore next to Fred Moore High School in Southeast Denton.

The board voted unanimously to support Clements’ proposal, which will now go to the state historical commission for review and approval.

“We just enjoyed attending the graduation at Fred Moore High School this afternoon,” board member Jim Alexander told Clements during her presentation. “I couldn’t help but think as they were crossing the stage how appropriate it would be for you to be there and tell his story.”

Moore was a beloved and influential figure in Denton during the first half of the 20th century, dedicating his life to educating and advancing African-Americans in the community. In 1915, he became the principal of the Fred Douglass School, the segregated campus for the city’s black students. He kept that role until his death in 1953, and Denton ISD integrated in the 1960s.

To commemorate his lifelong service to his community, the city of Denton named a park after Moore in 1948 while the school district opened the new Fred Moore School in 1949. Recently, Denton ISD voted to rename Lee Elementary School after Moore’s daughter Alice Alexander, who taught in the district for 45 years.

Clements previously secured a state historical marker for Beulah Harriss, the first Girl Scout in Texas and a Girl Scout leader in Denton County.

She said she noticed Moore’s name on several landmarks in the city, but wanted to work with the Denton County historical staff to do something more to preserve his personal history.

“He had such an impact on students, on the African-American community, on Denton as a whole,” said Clements, who wants to be a teacher when she gets older. “He’s a role model for me.”

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