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2020 Cookie Season Welcomes New Lemon Cookie

A new cookie joins the line-up this year called Lemon-Ups, a crispy lemon cookie decorated with light icing and baked with messages inspired by Girl Scouts. “I am an innovator,” and “I am gutsy” are among the eight phrases that bring the experience of Girl Scouting to life. 

The 2020 Cookie Season kicks off Friday, January 17 and will include favorites such as Thin Mints, Samoas, and Trefoils in addition to the new Lemon-Ups. 

Also this year, GSNETX is joining other councils across the country in a price increase for Girl Scout Cookies. As prices increase one dollar to $5 for general and $6 for specialty cookies, the amount of money that goes back to Girl Scout troops increases as well. Each and every cent raised during cookie season stays local, and about 90 percent of each dollar is put towards amazing experiences and leadership opportunities for the more than 25,000 Girl Scouts across northeast Texas.

In addition to more proceeds for individual troops, this price increase will fund improvements at camp properties, expand technology and enhance the volunteer experience.

Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies, but the program is about so much more than cookies, said GSNETX CEO Jennifer Bartkowski.

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest female entrepreneurship program in the world, with each participating Girl Scout serving as the CEO for her own business. The important business and financial literacy skills girls learn through the program position them for success in the future. When you purchase your favorite cookie or try the new Lemon-Ups, you are helping girls fund their Girl Scout experience and supporting female entrepreneurs.”