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Girl Scouts Has Shaped Me Into the Person I Am Today

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Recently, we asked girls why they Girl Scout — and then we received this candid and heartfelt story from a young woman about her journey and how being a Girl Scout remained a positive constant in her life, especially during challenging times.  


When I was five, my mom had signed me up for girl scouts for me to show a little bit of independence. Of course, I did that pretty well up until I moved to Texas. I didn't have a troop anymore, but she still wanted me to stay in Girl Scouts. So, she took it upon herself to be a volunteer. While I love my mom to bits, she had no idea what she was doing lol, and the troop was off to odd start.

Then at age 10, my grandfather passed away. He was my rock, the solid thing keeping my whole personality and what I was in check. That really shook me. Everything was changing just too fast for someone who didn't like new things. But there was one solid thing still there, and still routine. Girl Scouts, every Tuesday. And it really kept my mind in some sort of state of, “It'll be OK. Seeing friends, doing crafts, and earning badges.”

Middle school rolled around and I started to become really embarrassed of my Girl Scouting. I told no one, and I mean NO ONE. But that didn't stop me from doing it, not by choice though. I complained and whined each time there was a meeting. Because at my school, it wasn't cool. Little did I know, it didn't matter what was cool or in style. Girl Scouts was fun once I got there, and I really enjoyed it. Sometime during 8th grade, I came to this realization.

During cookie season I was a completely different person. I hustled cookies, spoke up, and really came out of my shell. I remember one-time last year I saw a homeless man across from our booth. He went there to beg every day. He decided one time to give his earnings to me because I was sweet and reminded him of someone. That night I asked my mom for food and went in to get some. What I didn't tell her was that it wasn't for me but for that man. She wasn't mad. He was very grateful, saying I was so nice and kind. But to me it wasn't that. It was just the right thing to do. I had money, so why not share?

Now came high school. I had stories to tell and skills that I already knew of because of my Girl Scout career. I could begin to code, was breezing through financial math and was acing my photography course. Because of Girl Scouts. I told friends and I tried getting some to join and sold cookies to high schoolers during cookie season. Everyone knew. And honestly, I'm glad.

The point is that though it wasn't cool, I should've embraced my love and good times in Girl Scouts. It is what made me happy and got me ahead of the game in studies and hobbies I didn't even know I liked. Being in Girl Scouts furthered art, math, and other skills I need now that I'm in college. Earning my gold is the single most important goal right now. Because I'm a Girl Scout and I'm so glad to be one.

It has kept me stable and helped even during rough days. I'm going to be a volunteer now that I'm old enough, because the smiles on those little girls’ faces when they discover something that they couldn't fathom is just amazing. That's what makes a Girl Scout. Through the ups, downs, and in-betweens, Girl Scouts has shaped me into the person I am today. And I really appreciate that. #WhyIGirlScout


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