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GSNETX Welcomes New Board Chair

4-6-2021 Blog Header Image_Donna Epps

We're delighted to welcome Donna Epps as our new board chair at GSNETX!

Donna Epps is an Independent Director of Saia, Inc. and Texas Pacific Land Corporation and serves on the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Governance Committee of each board. In her 31 years with Deloitte, she focused on providing audit, risk, compliance and governance services to private and public companies.

Donna obtained her B.B.A. in Accounting from Texas A&M University in May 1986. She is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the State of Texas. She is Chair of GSNETX's Executive Committee and is a member of the Finance and Property Committees. She also serves as Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair for Readers 2 Leaders, an organization committed to improving literacy in North Texas for children in kindergarten through third grades and serves as a mentor for the Social Innovation Accelerator of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. Donna is an Honor Pin recipient and a proud Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts!

We know that, as some of our members cross paths with Donna in the coming weeks and months, you'll like her just as much as we do! To help you get to know her a little now, we recently asked her some important interview questions covering topics very important to us: Girl Scouts, pets, and cookies!

How did you first become involved with Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
DE: I first joined the Board while still working at Deloitte. I was interested in finding an organization that fit with my priorities of education – continuous learning, building confidence and character in girls, and inclusiveness. Learning that GSNETX was impacting a little over 25,000 girls at that time made me recognize this was an organization with great reach.

What is it about Girl Scouts that made you want to invest your time and leadership?
GSNEX offers what many parents, including me, want for their daughters: A place where everyone is welcome; where girls can take risks and learn how to handle setbacks and disappointments; where every girl can learn to be a leader; for building confidence; where girls learn the courage to pursue their dreams. We currently only serve less than five percent of the girls in our council territory. I want to help all girls have the opportunity to grow together.

What are your goals as Board Chair? 
We must continue to focus on our financial stability, which means we must energetically pursue development while conservatively manage our expenses.

At the same time, we need to emerge from the pandemic poised to provide even better opportunities to the girls. To do so, I believe we need to focus on reaching our girls where they are in our communities. Girl Scouts was founded as an inclusive organization. How can we improve our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion across GSNETX employees, our volunteers AND, most importantly, our girls?

I also want to focus on enhancing our outdoor leadership opportunities. We have our nationally acclaimed The STEM Center of Excellence and we need to continue to grow opportunities there, but we also have additional camps with exciting educational and leadership opportunities. What enhancements in programming and camps do we need to make and how can we excite our communities to support such with their resources?

Tell us about your pets. 
I have two miniature dachshunds, two grand-miniature dachshunds and six grand-chickens. 

What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
This is the toughest question by far! I would say my favorite are Thin Mints, but I’m a BIG fan of them all!