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KERA News Interview: Have The Girl Scouts Changed Since The Boy Scouts Let Girls In? They Haven't.


Even with the Boy Scouts of America accepting girls into all levels of scouting, the Girl Scouts has not seen a significant decline in membership.

Jennifer Bartkowski is the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas. She said the Girl Scouts organization doesn’t see the Boy Scouts of America — or Scouts BSA, as the organization is sometimes called — as competition, because they’re unique programs. She said the most important thing the Girl Scouts offers is a space that’s built by girls, for girls only.

“Girls are in a mixed gender space all of their lives,” Bartkowski said. “There are very few opportunities for girls to be in a single-gender space where they can rely on one another, build relationships with one another, be themselves, not have to compete for space, not have to show off in any kind of different way.”

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