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Local Girl Scout Troop's Virtual Book Raises Mental Health Awareness in Kids


Girl Scout Troop 8005 of McKinney has been hard at work the last few months. The girls worked with the regional arm of Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute on a curriculum for the girls to learn about their mental health and the mental health of others. The importance of empathy and understanding how to cope with adversity in a healthy way.

“We decided to make a book. It started off with the idea to get people off computers. We wanted them to do mental and physical activities,” said Girl Scout Angelina. “In our book, we even have some breathing techniques and stuff like that to just help yourself calm down when you’re really stressed, mad or anxious.”

The 60-page, activity-based book called "No Tech Fun Book" is complete with illustrations from the girls, has now earned them the Bronze Award, which is the highest honor a Junior Girl Scout can receive.

Learn more about the project.