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Tejas Riders: A Horse Girl's Dream Come True

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Tejas Riders is our premier leadership equestrian program that not only provides its members access to ride, care for, and bond with our many horses; it also offers service to the equestrian program at Camp Bette Perot.

Current Tejas Rider Alyssa used to watch the group perform at the Mesquite Rodeo when she was a Daisy, and right away she knew she wanted to join when she was old enough.

Now a Cadette and part of the team, she shared with us her favorite things about the program:

What she’s gained: It has helped me in knowing hard work, respect for my coaches and peers, and even more love for horses. Being able to lead badge work to all ages of Girl Scouts has helped me develop in how to teach different skills.

What she loves: Getting to know all the horses and their personalities, riding my horse, and spending weekends at the barn building friendships with our teams.

To future applicants: They should apply if they love horses. [Know that] it will be a lot of hard work, but in the end it’s a ton of fun and that Tejas is a family.

Interested in joining? Visit to learn more. Applications for girls 12 and older by Sept. 2023 must be submitted by February 1.