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The Butter Fairy: One Girl Scout Alumna's Recipe for Success

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Starting a bakery of her own was a natural step for Rachel Harvey, aka DJ Ursa Minor, a Girl Scout alumna who runs her own bakery business, The Butter Fairy. The Girl Scout Cookie program helped Rachel develop the courage and business savvy that made her the entertainer and entrepreneur she is today.

Rachel DJ'd the sold-out Girl Scout party at the Sweet Tooth Hotel last month, celebrating the start of cookie season and Dallas's first-ever authorized cookie cocktail menu.  If you missed out on the first Girl Scout party, tickets for Sweet Tooth Hotel's Galantine's Day party on February 9th are now available.

Selling Girl Scout Cookies taught Rachel she could create her own opportunities. So, when the pandemic halted business ventures for many people, it didn't slow Rachel down at all. Instead, she pressed paused on DJing and found a new way to stay creative and thrive during the pandemic—selling cookies all over the metroplex!

"I'm still selling cookies. I've been doing it since I was a kid, and I'm still doing it to this day," Rachel often jokes. "Being a Girl Scout gave me the confidence to be like, 'Hey, I am selling cookies, so come and buy them,' and the money management skills to be like, 'Hey, I think I can start my own business.' I've carried it through life."

Without a doubt, selling cookies makes it more likely girls will want to own a business someday. In fact, 53% of female entrepreneurs and business owners have been Girl Scouts. The Cookie Program is the world's largest entrepreneurial program for girls, teaching them skills like making a business plan, breaking goals into achievable steps, and in-person and online sales and marketing tactics from a very young age.

The Butter Fairy pop-ups are a popular and profitable storefront for her cookies and a similar business model to a cookie booth. "As a Girl Scout Cookie boss, you need to know your target market and understand how to communicate and sell to them," Rachel explains. "When people first walk out of a store, the merchandising and signage at a cookie booth are crucial to catching a prospective customer's attention."

Her strategic branding skills are evident on Instagram, where she promotes her rotating menus and drives traffic to her pop-ups. Her attention-grabbing posts boldly mix design aesthetics and uniquely capture her dynamic personality and products. Follow @the.butterfairy to see for yourself and stay in the loop!

What's next for Rachel? She hopes to get even more involved with Girl Scouts and create programming that helps teach Girl Scouts new skills and earn badges and awards in fun, new ways! And if you'd like to help empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs, go out and buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies! Every girl you see out there selling cookies is a budding business owner. Rachel Harvey is the pixie-dusted proof. 


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