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outdoor adventure

Troop Camping

Troop camping is a great way to explore our beautiful camps and bond with your Girl Scout sisters over the big adventures waiting for you!

Ultra Camp

Ultra Camp offers a streamlined way to plan outdoor camping adventures with your troop. Register for any camp session (up to 90 days out), make payments, choose your activities and lodging, add certifications (CPR, First Aid, AED) and more! 


*Each camping group must have at least one adult that has completed TR301, and at least one adult that has a current certification in First Aid/ AED/CPR.
Outdoor Resources

How the videos can help

  • Each video includes helpful tips that can be used when planning outdoor adventures. 
  • Adult- or volunteer-learning departments at councils can use these videos during troop camp certification, grade-level trainings, or with outdoor trainings.
  • Service units can use these videos when planning camporees and skill-building weekends.
  • Older girls (program aides, counselors-in-training, or volunteers-in-training) can learn new outdoor skills to use when working with younger girls.

Step by Step: Developing Outdoor Skills in Girls
At Girl Scouts, we work to build girls’ outdoor skills and inspire girls to care for the environment as they grow. The Girl Scout Outdoor Progression Chart (PDF) is a tool you can use as you advance girls’ skills in an age-appropriate way. 

Taking the Journeys Outside
It’s easy to take a Girl Scout Journey outside. Each Journey is full of fun, interactive activities that can easily go outdoors and inspire girls to love and protect the planet. Watch this video to find out how!

Planning Your Troop’s First Campout 
In order to have a great campout, you need to plan ahead—and be prepared. This video will give you plenty to think about as you plan your next outdoor adventure with Girl Scouts.

Introduction to Campsite Set-Up 
A safe, efficient campsite is important when camping. Watch and learn how to set up a proper camp!

How to Leave No Trace Outdoors
A Girl Scout always leaves an area better than she found it. Throughout this video, girls will learn the importance of caring for the land, and how to easily “Leave No Trace” when exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

Introduction to Cooking Outdoors
Propane, charcoal, box ovens—there are so many choices when cooking outside. This video shares ideas about the delicious possibilities. Tasty!

Outdoor Progression Chart

Progression allows girls to learn the skills they need to become competent in the outdoors, including how to plan and organize outdoor activities. Acknowledge a girl's mastery of an outdoor skill and invite her to challenge herself further by taking that next step up and out! Outdoor fun can be endless when girls lead.

Camp Progress


Burn Ban Notice

A burn ban is an emergency declaration which prohibits any outdoor burning or open flame during  drought or extreme weather conditions. Propane stoves and/or unit kitchens can be used for food preparation. 

  • Camp Bette Perot (Anderson County) - Currently under burn ban
  • Camp Gambill (Lamar County) - No burn ban currently
  • Camp K & Camp Rocky Point (Grayson County) - No burn ban currently
  • Camp Whispering Cedars (Dallas County) - No burn ban currently
  • East Texas Regional Center (Smith County) - No burn ban currently

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