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Codeword: Innovation

Sat Dec 07, 8:15 AM - 9:00 PM
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STEM, Badge Earning
Ambassador, Brownie, Cadette, Daisy, Junior, Senior

Choose from a menu of badge, journey, and activity options throughout the day that intertwine nature, outdoor adventure, and STEM. Archery, slingshots, low ropes, high ropes climbing tower/zipline, high ropes, 3-person giant swing, and swimming are available on Ultracamp also.

Daisy & Brownie workshops and journeys are NOT DROP OFF EVENTS.

STEM Center of Excellence journey’s DO NOT include a Take Action Project.

Daisy Workshops

Coding for Good 10am-12pm $10 Explore computer coding basics and how coding makes the world a better place. Girls earn Coding Basics Badge.

Brownie Workshops

Cyber Ciphers 10am-12pm $10 Explore secretly coded messages and create your own as you learn about ciphers and the role they play in cybersecurity. Girls earn Cybersecurity Badge.

Junior Workshops

Machine Learning 10am-12pm $10 Get a taste of Artificial Intellegence as you go behind the scenes with Remi the Robot in the STEM Center AIR App. Girls earn Robotics Badges. 

Cadette, Senior, Ambassador

TI Rover Robotics 10am-12pm $10 Learn how to use and program Texas Instruments Rovers using TI N-spires. Girls earn Programming Robots Badge.