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Cookie Launcher Competition Workshops

Sun Jan 19, 8:15 AM - 9:00 PM CST
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STEM, Outdoors/Camp, Badge Earning
Girl Fee:

Girls will explore the world of engineering with cookies on the brain. Individual levels will design and construct their own piece of a final all-hands-in cookie launching challenge.

Archery, slingshots, low ropes, high ropes climbing tower/zipline, high ropes, and 3-person giant swing are available on Ultracamp also.

Daisy & Brownie workshops and journeys are NOT DROP OFF EVENTS.

STEM Center of Excellence journey’s DO NOT include a Take Action Project.

Daisy Workshops

Cookie Fortress Journey 1:30pm-5:30PM $25 Explore various engineering concepts and test construction and design finalizing in a collaborative cookie launching event. DA and BR will see if their structures will stand up to a barrage of projectiles by the JR and CSA.  Girls will earn the Think Like An Engineer Journey.