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Money Matters Workshops

Sun Jan 12, 8:15 AM - 9:00 PM CST
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STEM, Outdoors/Camp, Badge Earning
Ambassador, Brownie, Cadette, Daisy, Junior, Senior
Girl Fee:

Explore the world of currency. Delve into how money is made, how to decide how to use it, and how to save for those top shelf wants.

Archery, slingshots, low ropes, high ropes climbing tower/zipline, high ropes, and 3-person giant swing are available on Ultracamp also.

Daisy & Brownie workshops and journeys are NOT DROP OFF EVENTS.

STEM Center of Excellence journey’s DO NOT include a Take Action Project.

Daisy Workshops

Money Counts 10am-12pm $10 Explore currency around the world, how it is made, and the innovative security features. Girls earn the Money Counts Badge. 

Junior Workshops

Savvy Shopper 10am-12pm $10 Explore the difference between needs and wants, and learn how to save for both. Girls wille earn the Savvy Shopper badge. 

Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Workshops

Comparison Shopper 10am-12pm $10 Learn how to use the internet to find great products and save money. Girls earn the Comparison Shopping badge. 
Marketing 1:30pm-3:30pm $10 Learn how to use your skills to create a strong advertisement and marketing message for your cookie sales. Girls earn Marketing badge.