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Digital Design Workshops at STEM

Sat Dec 05, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Outdoors/Camp, STEM
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Explore how we create and utilize the technology that surrounds us in our everyday lives. From online safety to developing your own app and games to building a robot, we've got a workshop for you to jump into!

Registration for workshops and amenities closes on the Friday prior to scheduled date.

Daisy Workshops
Cyber Ciphers $10 10am-12pm Explore secretly coded messages and create your own as you learn about ciphers and the role they play in cybersecurity. Girls earn Cybersecurity Badge.
Frog Robotics $10 1:30pm-3:30pm Model a frog’s metamorphosis using a LEGO representation and identify the characteristics of the organism at each stage. Girl Scouts will earn Robotics 1 & 2 Badges.
Brownie Workshops
Mars Ozobots $10 10am-12pm Learn the challenges of operating a robot on Mars from Earth by engaging in a series of Robot Races. As a rover driver, you'll travel around obstacles on the Martian surface to complete a mission.  Girls earn Robotics I & II Badge.
Junior Workshops
What's that APP? $10 10am-12pm Design your own idea for an app that solves a problem. Girls earn the App Development Badge. Girls Scouts should have already earned Coding for Good I: Coding Basics prior to participating in this workshop.
CSA Workshops
Game Inventors $10 1:30pm-3:30pm Explore how programmers design video games that make positive changes in the world. Create an avatar, use arrays to create images, and develop a game scenario. Girl Scouts will earn Coding For Good II: Digital Game Design. Girl Scouts should have earned Coding For Good I: Coding Basics prior to participating in this workshop.