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Earn a Free Badge at Camp Bette Perot this Weekend!

Fri Feb 28, 6:00 PM - Sun Mar 01, 12:00 PM
Camp Bette Perot Map
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Thanks to a generous grant from the R.K. Melon Foundation, we are pleased to announce that girls who are registered for overnight camping accommodations (cabin/ tent/ or lodge) for this weekend will be able to participate in a free outdoor related badge workshop for their program grade level and will receive the badge they earn for free! This offer is only available for select weekends and badges and is non-transferable to other dates.

• Daisy – Outdoor Art Maker
• Brownie – Bugs
• Junior – Space Science Investigator
• Cadette – Archery
• Senior – Eco Explorer
• Ambassador - Outdoor Art Master

Important Information:

  1. All camping requirements such as having the proper number of adult volunteers, troop camp training, and First Air/CPR/AED training must be met.
  2. Camp Staff will schedule your badgework time(s) around any other activities you have purchased.
  3. Please be aware that your badegwork time(s) may also depend on the requirements of the badge for your program grade level and you may be scheduled for one or multiple time(s) on Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday morning, depending on the badge.
  4. Groups must attend all of the badgework sessions that are scheduled for their group during the weekend in order to earn and receive the badge. Badges will only be provided for the number of girls who have registered and are present for all the badgework sessions.
  5. Adults are required to provide supervision for their girls in accordance with safety activity checkpoint numbers at all activities, but will not be active participants in the badgework or receive a badge.
  6. Camp staff will reach out to you prior to your arrival on camp to find out how many participants you have for each program grade level.