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Ready, Set, Build at STEM!

Sun Mar 21, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Daisy, Brownie, Junior
TX - Texas
Girl Fee:

Are interested in designing and building your own car or craft? we've got you covered! Discover your inner mechanical engineer and zoom past the competition!

Registration for workshops and amenities closes on the Friday one week prior to scheduled date.

Daisy Workshops
Model Car Designers $10 10am-12pm Forces, like gravity and friction, impact how fast a car goes. Build your own model car and test it against different surfaces. Girl Scouts will earn the Mechanical Engineering III Badge: Model Car Design. Please note that Girl Scouts should have completed Mechanical Engineering I & II prior to participating in this workshop.
Brownie Workshops
Race Car Designers $10 10am-12pm Design, build, and test your own race car to explore how science can make a faster race car. Blow away the competition!
Junior Workshops
Balloon Car Creators $10 10am-12pm The power of air is strong! Engineer an alternate fuel car while learning about potential and kinetic energy. Girl Scouts will earn Mechanical Engineering II Badge: Balloon Car Design. Girl Scouts should have earned Mechanical Engineering I Badge: Paddle Boat prior to participating in this workshop.