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Empower You, PERIOD

Description: Empower You, PERIOD! provides convenient access to natural, period products from reputable brands, along with creating safe space to talk Menstrual Health & Hygiene (MHH). We provide a series of workshops to help alleviate the negative societal norms attached to our period. We have also created the opportunity for you, your business or organization to GiveBACK. #PERIOD

Addressing reproductive health, our workshops provide creative and interactive sessions about menstrual hygiene education. We explore the importance of "flowing" into womanhood, management, stigmas attached to women, health and hygiene around the world, as well as the effects of diet and nutrition. Girls can also earn community service, related to, providing natural, period products for inner city girls and homeless women and advocacy for safe and sanitary public restroom solutions.

Cost: $16-$29

Address: P.O. BOX 411335, Dallas, TX  75241


Contact: Twymeika
(214) 514-7987

Availability to travel: Up to 20 miles, will travel further with travel fee.

Awards Offered: Women's Health badge