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Description from Program Partner: We're not just a traditional platform to learn coding, we take it a step further and provide an intro to coding by way of making and design. Our philosophy is to provide students with real-world problems and show them the creative solutions they're able to build using code.

Our kits and curriculum provide students with an introduction to coding by way of making and design and explore what it means to influence the future through projects that get them thinking about sustainability.

We make it easy for troop leaders, parents, and the girls to get an introduction to coding by way of making and design. Our kits and curriculum break down the intro to coding and make it way less intimadating! 

Program Grade Levels Served: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12

Cost: $49.99 per kit- integration with the badges listed above. Includes the micro:bit controller, unlimited access to our hands-on online module curriculum, feedback sessions with our product team, and online support.


Contact: Sri Narayanan

Virtual: Yes

Awards Offered: Coding For Good 1, Coding For Good 2, Cybersecurity 1: Basics, Robotics 1: Programming Robots

We integrate our kits and curriculum with the Coding For Good Badges and parts of the robotics and cybersecurity badges. We have programs tailored for all ages from Daisy to Ambassadors and also incorporate with the Think Like A Programmer and Outdoor STEM journies.

We offer a program called "Outdoor STEM" where students can build their own DIY thermometer and compass and then take their creations outdoors to start exploring and using it! We offer the kits for purchase for this activity and the beauty of these kits is that they can be reused by the girls and the troop leaders for obtaining their Coding For Good badges, for building other fun STEM creations and learning concepts, and they get unlimited access to our easy to follow online module.

We also offer a FREE program to have our founder, Sri Narayanan, a young 21-year old female entrepreneur in the STEM education space to share her story launching the company with her younger brother and inspiring the girls to explore the field of entrepreneurship and STEM education.