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Studio Bella for Kids

Description: As a STEAM based studio that has been in business for over 12 years, we fuse the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and math to share fearless creativity and fun to Girl Scouts and beyond.

Multiple badges, journeys and fun workshops are available virtually or in person.

Most badges and journeys are available in an outdoor setting or online. 

Cost: Badges begin at $10 with a minimum of 6 girls.  Journeys in a day are $40 per girl.

Address: 1450 Old Gate Lane, Dallas, TX, 75218


(469) 878-8056

Availability to travel:  Yes. $10

Awards Offered: 
DAISY BADGES - Eco Learner, Game Board Design Challenge, Good Neighbor, Model Car Design Challenge, Outdoor Art Maker, Daisy Progressive Badges, What Robots Do, How Robots Move, Design a Robot

BROWNIE BADGES - Brownie First Aid, Brownie Scout Way, Bugs, Celebrating Community, Eco Friend, Fair Play, Fling Flyer Design Challenge, Game Board Design Challenge, Give Back, Home Scientist, Household Elf, Inventor, Leap Bot Design Challenge, Letterboxer, Making Friend, Making Games, My Best Self, My Family Story, My Great Day, Outdoor Art Creator, Potter, Race Car Design Challenge Senses, Snacks

JUNIOR BADGES: Balloon Car Design Challenge, Crane Design Challenge, Detective, Drawing, Gardener, Jeweler Outdoor Art Explorer, Paddle Boat Design Challenge, Playing the Past, Practice with Purpose, Product Designer, Progressive Badges of Programming Robots, Designing Robots and Showcasing Robots

CADETTE BADGES: Comic Artist, Book Artist, Entreprenuer, Special Agent, Progressive Cadette Badges, Programming Robots, Designing Robots, Showcasing Robots, Senior Badges, Collage, Textile Artist, Room Makeover, Progressive Badges of Programming Robots, Designing Robots, Showcasing Robots

WORKSHOPS FOR ALL: Simple Sewing, Architecture (STEM), Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls, Panoramic Sugar Eggs, Gingerbread Houses, Cake Decorating, Invent your own badge

1.  It's Your World-Change It!
Daisies - Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden
Brownies - Brownie Quest
Juniors - Agent of Change
Cadettes - aMAZE! The Twists and Turns of Getting Along
Seniors - GIRLtopia

2.  It's Your Planet-Love It!
Daisies - Between Earth and Sky
Brownies - Wow the Wonders of Water
Juniors - Get Moving
Cadettes - Breathe - A leadership Journey
Seniors - Sow What

3. It's Your Story-Tell It!
Daisies - 3 Cheers for Animals
Brownies - A World of Girls
Junior - Amuse
Cadettes - Media
Seniors - Mission Sisterhood Ambassadors - Bliss- Live it!

4. Engineering: Think Like an Engineer

5. Computer Science: Think Like a Programmer

6. Outdoor STEM: Think Like a Citizen Scientist

Meeting space available: Troop Meeting Space available for 25-30 girls. We are able to meet in our studio with a maximum of 10 girls. We are happy to serve larger groups in an outdoor setting.