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Texas Discovery Gardens

Description: Texas Discovery Gardens is where children and adults discover and learnto sustain the natural world. Our vision is to provide a safe and naturaloasis to our Dallas community. We want every visitor to leave with the knowledge and desire to emulate our sustainable practices at home!

Texas Discovery Gardens is a 501©(3) organization. Our 7.5 acre organicgarden features native and adapted plants. Inside, our two-story RosineSmith Sammons Butterfly House and Insectarium transports you to atropical rainforest, complete with hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies!

Located in Dallas' historic Fair Park, Texas Discovery Gardens is ayear-round organically maintained urban oasis filled with natural wonders.Family festivals, workshops, free admission days, and our extensive (andgrowing) EarthKeepers® student education program introduce children andadults to natural outdoor learning experiences.

We are the first public garden in the state of Texas to be certified 100%organic by the Texas Organic Research Center. The gardens aremaintained using sustainable methods that conserve water and help toprotect the environment.

Cost: $6-$10

Address: 3601 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX 75210


Contact: Scout- (214) 428-7476 ext. 270,

Awards Offered:
Green Petal Power* - Using Resources Wisely comes to life as Daisiescomplete all Green Petal requirements and learn what they can do withleftover fruits and veggies. As the girls explore our gardens, they will collectthe requirements for their Compost Bucket!
Rose Petal* - Daisies earn their Rose Petal by planting a seed andexploring the gardens. Which animal reuses leaves for its home? Comefind out!
Daisy Flower Garden - Daisies plant their own Mini-Garden and explore sixspecial gardens, where they find out ways to make the world a better place.This program 'plants the seed' for the Golden Honey Bee Award.
All About Animals - Meet three of the display animals at Texas DiscoveryGardens and see how the staff takes care of them! This is an excellentSession 5 for troops on the 3 Cheers Journey!
Between Earth & Sky - Learn about veggies, go on a Color Hunt in theRose Garden, and plant a seed in this program! This program also provides ideas for the Clover Award.

Wonders of Water - Explore the different parts of the water cycle and makea Take-Home Terrarium! Explore four different water gardens and discoverwhy water is so important to girls around the world.
Bugs* - Get up close to four of our amazing arthropods at Texas DiscoveryGardens! Then, discover more insects outdoors, including butterflies! Fulfills all badge requirements.

All About Energy - Each Junior creates Compost in a Bucket and measurestheir carbon footprint. This program also helps with the Energize and Investigate Awards!
Fantastic Flowers* - Juniors plant four different flowers as seeds in atake-home container, make a flower craft and discover the secrets flowershave inside! Accomplishes four of the five flower requirements.
Gardener* - Explore 7.5 acres of gardens, find plants that are perfect forTexas, and create experiments on the different needs of a plant! Three ofthe five requirements are completed.
Animal Habitats* - Juniors learn all about different animal habitats whilefinishing three of the five badge requirements.

Breathe - Cadettes learn about air pollution, make a Take-Home Terrarium,and see how they can make a positive impact on the world.
Tree-Mendous Trees* - Accomplish three of the five requirements for theTree Badge while meeting the most interesting tree residents at TexasDiscovery Gardens!

ALL PROGRAMS - All participants receive a Texas Discovery Gardens patch.

Programs with an asterisk - Fulfill some or all badge requirements.**