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Wildlife on the Move

Description: Fun and educational LIVE animal presentation and VideoVenture Online Virtual Animal Programming for a wide veriety of venurs and group featuring amazing critters from around the world with 8 different themed program offerings to enhance and enrich the girl Scout experience.

Cost: 15% Discount Promo Code: SOSBTS20WOTM15GSNETX is Available for all GSNETX Groups to use for presentation fees; expires 9/1/2021. Cost is based upon the size of the group and the number of presentations or the type of presentation being provided - contact us.  

Address: 5105 El Rancho Court, Arlington, TX, 76017



Travel: Up to 400+ miles ( travel/ mileage fees apply)

Awards Offered:  Animal Helpers & Habitats badges, Environmental Stewardship badges, plus a custom badge workshop exclusively designed, developed, and presented by Wildlife On The Move: So You Want to Be a Zookeeper.