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Yelibelly Chocolates

Description: Yelibelly Chocolates offers a variety of hands on learning opportunities that include chocolate and more! Our staff are trained chocolatiers, food scientists and dietitians with extensive background in hands on teaching. Classes are available onsite in Addison, off-site at your location or virtually.

Yelibelly can deliver ingredient boxes directly to your home with everything needed to complete the classes online with us through private YouTube videos or live demos through Zoom.

Cost: $10-$40, varies by program and number of participants.

Address: 4500 Ratliff Ln #102, Addison, TX 75001



Availability to travel: Yes, within DFW metroplex.

Awards offered:
Topics that can be covered: Food Science, Chocolate, Nutrition, Molecular Gastronomy, Hands On, Working Together,  Cooking, Baking.

Fun Patches: Making Chocolate, Molecular Gastronomy (Food science), Culinary Arts.

Badges : Eating For You, New Cuisines,  Home Scientist,  Senses, Cooking, Baking.