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Programs On Demand

Think outside the box! Engage your troop in STEM, art, and outdoor pre-made activities that help volunteers lead successful meetings. Each program will create fun, educational, and memorable troop activities available to troop leaders at no cost!

Most programs have kits with materials that you can borrow. There are also “digital-only” programs that require no materials. 

Program Kit Options:


Jumpstart │ This is your easy to use, on-the-go digital assistant, helping volunteers like you deliver empowering, enjoyable, STEM programming to girls.  Click here to create a Jumpstart account and use the invite code: GSNETXRobot19. Would your troop like their very own Robotics Kit?
Click here to reserve the FREE VEX IQ Mia kit seen in Jumpstart. Once you have your confirmation email, pick your VEX IQ Mia kits up from any GSNETX Shop. More STEM badges coming soon! 
Awards: Robotics, Cybersecurity, Space Science (All Levels)

robots4STEM | robots4STEM is a leading-edge platform that provides coding and programming curriculum designed to be seamlessly included in your troop meetings and beyond. Guide your girls as they learn to use drag and drop programming language, understand logic of programming and control Jett, a humanoid robot! No kit or prior experience is required! To get started, simply sign up here. You will receive credentials for your troop that will allow your troop access this online platform.
Awards: Cybersecurity 2: Safeguards Badge (D, B, J), Robotics 2: Programming Robots Badge (B, J), Think Like a Programmer Journey (D, B, J, C, S)
Digital-only! Click here for details.

Space Science Explorers | Learn all about the Solar System and our place in it. Just like real space scientists, girls explore, observe, and investigate the Sun, Moon, and stars and discover that space is bigger and even more exciting than they may have imagined.
Awards: Space Science Badges (D, B, J)
Download curriculum

Think Like a Citizen Scientist: Bees or Monarchs | Citizen science connects regular people with scientists to help them conduct research. With this kit, your troop will observe and track honey bees or monarch butterflies. 
Awards: Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey (D, B), Bugs Badge (B)
Download bees or monarchs curriculum

CodeCampKidz | Earn you’re Think Like A Programmer (TLAP)  Journey Badge online and learn to code all from the comfort of your own home on your schedule. We will guide you step-by-step as you work through you’re projects. No experience is required. When you finish your journey you will have earned your badge and coded a Take Action Project of your choosing. All under the guidance of a live instructor.
Awards: Think Like a Programmer  (J, C,S)
Digital-only! Click here for details. 

UT Dallas Contact Science Kits | Need a STEM kit for a large event? The UT Dallas Science and Engineering Education Center provides a Lending Library of STEM Kits and materials to grow STEM literacy and interest in the community. These instructional materials may be borrowed, free of charge, to help you teach your girls important STEM concepts and skill sets. These kits are ideal for service units or groups that plan to host events for multiple troops or the community. Browse the Catalog to view a full list of kits. Contact UTD to Request Borrower Access and establish an account.


Girl Scout History | Learn about the history of Girl Scouts and the importance of preserving it for future generations. With this kit, girls will learn traditional Girl Scout songs, make the original Girl Scout cookies, and check out vintage uniforms. 
Awards: Exploring Girl Scout History & Preservation Badges and GSNETX Scouting Our Past Patch.  (All levels)
Download curriculum

Flag Ceremony | A flag ceremony honors the American flag as the symbol of our country and all the hopes, dreams, and people it represents. This kit includes flags, gloves, sashes and a flag ceremony guidebook. 
Awards: My Flag, My Country & Me  (B, J, C, S, A)
Download curriculum

Girl Scout HERstory | Explore preservation, discover your family story, connect with history, and take action in your community! Make the program complete by borrowing one of our historic suitcases. Travel back in time as you view artifacts from different decades. Suitcases are available for the 1910s, 1930s, 1940s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and early 2000s.
Awards: Girls Scouts Historic Georgia Preservation Patch; order here
Download curriculum

Life Skills

Strong Girls | Make healthy habits the norm during meetings and spread these habits to friends, family, and community. Use the curriculum and/or borrow the kit which includes a tug of war rope, yoga mats, jump ropes and other fun equipment for field games and exercise. 
Awards: Lupe Petal (D), Fair Play (B), Practice with Purpose (J), Good Sportsmanship (C), Cross-Training (S), Coaching (A)
Download curriculum

Four Female Leaders: Lead Like a G.I.R.L. | History is full of amazing female leaders who make the world a better place. Learn about some of these amazing women and how you can be a fearless leader in your own life.  No kit required! To get started, simply download the activity guide. 
Award Connections: Lupe Petal (D), A World of Girls (B), Agent of Change  and Inside Government (J), MEdia (C), GIRLtopia ( S), and the Vote Patch (D, B, J, C, S, A)
Digital-only! Click here for details.

Four Famous Female Artists | Learn about four women who paved the way for the visual arts, a field that was mostly dominated by men.  Girls will be given different team challenges where they'll choose one of the featured artists and create work using that medium. 
Award Connections: Painting (B), Drawing (J), Comic Artist (C), Collage (S)
Download curriculum

Free Being Me | Through fun and interactive activities, girls learn that body confidence and self-esteem come from valuing their bodies, standing up to social pressures, and supporting others to be more body confident. By working together, leading others and speaking out, girls will be empowered to make a difference in their local and global communities. No kit required! To get started, simply download the activity guide for your grade level.
Awards: Media Journey (C), Free Being Me Patch*  (B, J, C, S, A)
Brownie /Junior Activity Guide  Cadette Activity Guide
*Free patch available for first 100 girls! Contact to request a patch.

Ban Bossy | When a girl asserts herself, she runs the risk of being labeled “bossy,” a message that can discourage her from taking the lead. Encourage girls to embrace leadership with Ban Bossy! Program includes activities and tips to help girls flex their leadership muscles.  
Award Connections: Mari Petal (D), Making Friends (B), Social Butterfly (J), Netiquette and aMaze (C), 
Digital-only! Click here for details.

Outdoors and Environmental Stewardship

Go Girl Scout Green | Coming Soon!

Wild Adventures | Coming Soon!


Request a Program On Demand Kit:

Borrow a kit for up to 2 weeks! All Program On Demand kits are housed at the JoAnn Fogg Service Center. Same-day requests and pickups cannot be accommodated. Kits are not available for "digital-only" programs.

Please allow 2 weeks lead time for pick up at the following Service Centers: Collin Area, Denton, Southern Sector and Highland Village.

Please allow 3 weeks lead time for pick up at the following Service Centers: East Texas Regional, Paris and Grayson Area. 

To request a Program On Demand Kit, contact  Customer Care
Please include the following information:
  • Name of Program On Demand kit
  • Desired pick-up date
  • Service center for pick-up

Check your inbox for an email confirming that we have received your request. There is NO guarantee that all requests will be filled.    

If you have questions about a specific program, email our  Programs Team.

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