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Programs On Demand

Think outside the box! Engage your troop in STEM, art, and outdoor pre-made activities that help volunteers lead successful meetings. Each kit will create fun, educational, and memorable troop activities available to troop leaders at no cost!

Program Kit Options:

Space Science Explorers | Learn all about the Solar System and our place in it. Just like real space scientists, girls explore, observe, and investigate the Sun, Moon, and stars and discover that space is bigger and even more exciting than they may have imagined.
Awards: Space Science Badges (D, B, J)

Girl Scout History | Learn about the history of Girl Scouts and the importance of preserving it for future generations. With this kit, girls will learn traditional Girl Scout songs, make the original Girl Scout cookies, and try on vintage uniforms. 
Awards: Exploring Girl Scout History & Preservation Badges and Scouting Our Past Patch.  (All levels)

CodeCampKidz | Build your website programming skills with CodeCampKidz's fun and achievable online platform. You'll work with experienced professional coders, overcome obstacles, build problem solving skills, and develop confidence as an independent web developer. Work your way through three levels of expertise, project by project, to understand how it all works together.
Award: Think Like a Programmer Journey (C,S,A)

robots4STEM | robots4STEM is a leading-edge platform that provides coding and programming curriculum designed to be seamlessly included in your troop meetings and beyond. Guide your girls as they learn to use drag and drop programming language, understand logic of programming and control Jett, a humanoid robot! No kit or prior experience is required! To get started, simply sign up here. You will receive credentials for your troop that will allow your troop access this online platform.
Awards: Cybersecurity 2: Safeguards Badge (D, B, J), Robotics 2: Programming Robots Badge (B, J), Think Like a Programmer Journey (D, B, J, C, S)

Four Famous Female Artists | Learn about four women who paved the way for the visual arts, a field that was mostly dominated by men.  Girls will be given different team challenges where they'll choose one of the featured artist and create a work using that medium. 
Awards: Brownie- Painting, Junior- Drawing, Cadette- Comic Artist, Senior- Collage.  (D, B, J, C, S)

Think Like a Citizen Scientist | Citizen science connects regular people with scientists to help them conduct research. With this kit, your troop will observe and track monarch butterflies and honey bees.
Awards: Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey (D, B)

UT Dallas STEM Discover Kits | The UT Dallas Science and Engineering Education Center provides a Lending Library of Discover Kits and materials to grow STEM literacy and interest in the community. These instructional materials may be borrowed, free of charge, to help you teach your girls important STEM concepts and skill sets. Browse the Catalog to view a full list of kits. When you are ready to borrow a kit contact UTD to Request Borrower Access.

Award Connections Include:

  • All Levels: Think Like a Programmer Journeys, Think Like an Engineer Journeys, Robotics Badges, Mechanical Engineering Badges
  • Brownie: Bugs Badge, Home Scientist Badge, WOW! Wonders of Water Journey      
  • Junior: Animal Habitats Badge, Detective Badge
  • Cadette: Special Agent Badge, Trees Badge
  • Senior: Science of Style Badge
  • Ambassador: Water Badge


To request a Program on Demand, contact  Customer Care and include the name of the kit you are requesting. Then, check your inbox for an email that includes next steps. 

If you have questions about a specific program, email our  Programs Team.