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Background Checks

To best protect the safety of our girl and adult members, GSNETX requires a background check, also known as a CBC or BGC, to be run on all volunteers and any adults that may be responsible for girls, troops, their safety, or troop funds as outlined in our Volunteer Policies & Procedures.

Eligible background checks are valid for three (3) years with one normal exception.  Volunteers participating at a Day/Twilight camp must complete a new background check each year to comply with state guidelines.

GSNETX has partnered with an outside vendor, Sterling Volunteers, to provide easy and secure background checks with greater transparency.  You can see the results of your background check and you may choose to share it with other organizations that also use Sterling Volunteers.

How Do I Complete My Background Check?

I’m Registering/Renewing My Membership
  • If you are registering for the first time, click "Volunteer Today". 
  • If you're a returning member, log into your MY GS account.
    Register or renew for a volunteer role (Troop Leader, Troop Cookie Manager, or Troop Volunteer).
  • Complete your registration by submitting the requested information. 

Upon completion of your registration, your request will be sent to Sterling Volunteers, who will send you an invitation from to complete your background check.  Please allow 15 minutes for the email to arrive. (The subject will be “Invitation from Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas”.)  You may be asked to confirm some information before you can create an account (different from your MY GS account).  

  • To begin your background check, click Get Verified (if not taken there automatically).
  • Once the background check is complete, you'll receive an email from Sterling Volunteers and you can see the results.
  • If it's cleared, your membership will be automatically updated with information regarding your background check.  Your selected volunteer roles will then be current and you are ready to volunteer.
  • If your background check is not cleared,  please check the FAQs for information on our review process and what may exclude you from volunteering.
I’m Already Registered & Need to Add/Update My Background Check

To add a background check to an existing membership or update a soon-to-expire background check, please complete the Troop Changes Form and select "Volunteer Status" or "Position Change". 

Let us know which roles you have or wish to request and mark “Yes” to the background check.

Can I provide a Background Check completed with a different organization?

To maintain consistency and protect the integrity of the background check process, we only accept background checks run through Sterling Volunteers at a level two or higher.

If you have already completed a background check through Sterling Volunteers with a different council or organization, you can share it with GSNETX by logging into your Sterling Volunteers account. This option will be located in the "My Screening Checklist" area of your profile.

If you know there will be results on your background check will need to be reviewed and wish to discuss how it may affect your ability to volunteer, please call a Customer Care Coordinator directly at
(972) 349-2454.  A final decision will still require a review of the actual background check results.

Additionally, we can run your background check first, separately from your GSNETX membership registration, to see if you are eligible to volunteer.