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Troop & SU Finance

Part of being a great Girl Scout troop is using your resources wisely! We want to make sure you know all the steps to manage, protect, and report on your troop finances for the year. 

  • Tax Exemption Form
    As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteers can utilize our tax exempt form when purchasing supplies and materials (except at the GSNETX Shop) to make your purchases tax-free.
  • Financial Assistance Request
    Financial Assistance is made available by the generosity of our donors and is intended to cover a portion of the costs for membership, uniforms and other staples of the Girl Scout experience.
  • Request to Open a New Bank Account
    To safeguard Girl Scout troop funds, all Girl Scout troops and service units should open and maintain bank accounts. To request a new bank account complete the online form.
  • Change Signers on an Existing Bank Account
    Any time signers on a bank account need to be changed complete the change online form.
  • Register an existing Bank Account
    Once you have been approved by GSNETX and opened/changed your troop or service unit bank account, you must register the bank account. This authorizes GSNETX to perform ACH transactions for payments toward product sales programs and rebates, council refunds, pass through donations, and service unit family partnership rebates.
  • Troop Financial Report Form
    Report on your troops expenditures and income for the year with this online form.