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Educators and Girl Scouts: Stronger Together

Girl Scouts complements the indispensable work you do as an educator every day. 

In fact, research shows that Girl Scouts are more likely than non–Girl Scouts to achieve academic excellence, and overachieve when it comes to team work, hands-on learning and reflection, and decision making. That’s because Girl Scouts understands the vital connection between young girls’ development and their future success, and offers a one-of-a-kind, proven leadership development program that pairs girls with strong, caring role models and mentors like you, who prepare them to take the lead from age 5 to 18, and into adulthood.

Our ready-to-implement, flexible, and customizable programming exposes girls to so many things—like science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); entrepreneurship; life skills; financial literacy; and outdoor experiences.

Girl Scouts and Discovery Education

Girl Scouts of the USA is partnering with Discovery Education to spark girls’ interest in STEM and help them unleash their potential through content for educators. Girls Get STEM: Unleash Your Inner Scientist provides standards-aligned curriculum that aims to address gender equity in STEM education across the country through a series of resources for use with all students in grades K-5.

Girl Scouts in Action

Hear for yourself. Find out what educators are saying about Girl Scouts—learn how Brownies are already changing the world and get to know some of Girl Scouts’ most necessary and passionate assets: our inspiring volunteers!

Building Our Future, One Initiative at a Time

Learn how we’re shaping confident, successful young women through initiatives related to STEM, bullying prevention, and environmental stewardship.

Our Collaboration with the National Education Association

Girl Scouts of the USA has teamed up with the National Education Association (NEA) to provide members with easy-to-access educator resources and volunteer opportunities with local Girl Scout councils. After all, we’re the perfect fit! Both Girl Scouts and educators are deeply committed to girls’ education and development, and your distinctive expertise and experience will make a world of difference to girls in your area. Let’s build a better world for girls and for all of us, together.

Learn how Girl Scout programming meets state and national curriculum standards, and check out an important message from GSUSA CEO Sylvia Acevedo about why the partnership between Girl Scouts and educators is so important to support girls’ success.


A Shared Purpose: Girl Scouts and Educators Build the Next Generation of Trailblazers


For the most up-to-date information, visit the Girl Scout Research Institute.