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Cookie Box Creations

Cookie Box Creations teams middle and high school girls with architects and engineers, in a design contest to transform Girl Scout cookie boxes into free-standing structures. Using STEM elements, this annual activity challenges girls to develop critical-thinking skills and promote cooperation and team building, while building the structures around one central theme. This year's theme "Trailblazing Women," will showcase transformative women who helped shape the world we live in. 

Once the free-standing structures are complete, they will be on display at the Dallas Galleria Mall from March 1 - April 5 where members of the community can take a look and vote for their favorite.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas thanks the
2020 participating companies:
Balfour Beatty Construction
Brade Drake Construction
HDR, Inc.
Omniplan, Inc.
Texas Instruments

For more information about Cookie Box Creations, email Gerri Gordon at