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Pamper Yourself: Online Chevron Scaled Nail Art Class for Cadettes, Seniors, & Ambassadors

Mon May 17, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Girl Fee:

Join us for a fun Zoom time of learning about the basics of nail art that you can do at home. We will spend some time getting to know each other and also discuss the mental health benefits of taking care of your hands. We recommend that participants have the following supplies with them for this event so that they practice basic nail art during the session:

Base/ top coat nail polish
3 solid colors of nail polish
Nail polish remover
Small brush/ paintbrush that can be used with the nail polish remover
Nail art striping tape or thin painters tape
Protective peel/ liquid latex/ clear tape
Cosmetic wedge

The style of Chevron Scaled Gradient nail art that will be done at this event was chosen by the girl participants at the April 5, 2021 Nail Art Session.