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Witty Inventions In Multimedia Designs

Description: At WIN, we want students to like learning, live responsibly and be lights to the world around them. We accomplish this by providing INNOVATIVE learning games and tools that infuse energy and excitement into school programs with particular emphasis on financial literacy and money management. Our Virtual Zoom Classes are an extension of our on-site classes. We keep student engaged and alive by infusing lots of interactive conversation and activities.

Program Grade Levels: 4th-12th

Cost: $11-$15

Address: 14211 Cypress Meadows Drive Houston, TX 77047

Contact: Deborah McClean at (713) 494-6996 or

Virtual: Yes

Awards Offered:

Junior - Business Owner, Cookie Entrepreneur (partial)
Cadette - Budgeting, Business Plan, Business Etiquette, Entrepreneur, Marketing, My Cookie Venture, Good Credit
Senior - Entrepreneur Accelerator, On My Own, Cookie Influencer (partial)
Ambassador - Business Startup, Cookie Boss (partial)